10 scariest rides in the world

Tower hotel-casino “stratosphere Las Vegas” in the unqualified leaders. On its roof there are 3 rides: Big Shot (Big shot), Insanity (Madness) and the third trailer called the X Scream (can be translated as “Super squeal”). It is not important which of the three you choose, the important thing is that your feelings will be multiplied by more than three hundred times, which irreversibly contributes to the height of the tower is 350 metres away.

Catapult Big shot

Big Shot opened in 1996, is the highest ride in the world at the moment. Once you are comfortably seated in the chair, you at a speed exceeding 70 km/h will lift to a height of 329 meters, then there is svobodnoradikal almost to the point that started this dizzying leap up.

Carousel “Crazy.”

Carousel Insanity — almost a normal carousel, unusually, only that she stands on the roof of a skyscraper. The rotation is 20 metres from the edge of the roof, over a 300-meter precipice. People do not sit in the booth and in the open seat (very securely, but the sensations it does not spoil), and the entire process takes place in “the passenger” face down. The thrill of the rotation of the catcher does not compare with anything.

The Trailer Of “X Scream”,

The essence of the attraction is that the trolley accelerates rapidly along the rails, and the rails are very short and end angle for the roof of the building. Brakes trolley and even a little beyond the rail, and people get the impression that they come out now with a 350 meter height. It’s actually one of the most terrifying rides in the world.

Well, we drove, or rather flew?

Area free fall. Paramount, Ohio

Daredevils comfortably satisfied on the platform, which lifts them to a height of one hundred meters above the ground (approximately 26 floors!), and giving the opportunity to admire the surroundings, “reset” down with the speed exceeding 100 km/h!

Catapult Flying Dutchman

With the help of cables the booth with the “passengers” run to a height of about 40 meters (15 storey building) above the ground, and put back at great speed, and a few times in a row. But the adrenaline from the flight — that’s not all. Design is decorated with 2,000 lights, and after dark, your flight will accompany the light show.

Tower of terror II

In the Australian Dreamworld is located “Tower of Terror”, which has a height of 115 meters. With incredible speed the passengers of the trolley soar to the top, and then after a small delay, incomplete for seven seconds to fall on the same track. The trolley descends backwards, and the passengers all life sweeps before his eyes. After the descent test for the strength of nerves is repeated.

Intimidator 305

In the Park Kings Dominion . Virginia, USA, on the track is 1.6 kilometers long hunters adrenaline shock not high, and sharp turns, in which there is a feeling that the trolley’s off the tracks.


The attraction is located in the country of the rising sun – Takabisha (Park Fuji-Q Highland . the city of Fujiyoshida). This slide has the largest angle of descent in the world 121 degrees, this fact is even listed in the Guinness book of records! Frankly, it is scary to watch even from the sidelines.

Furius Baco

And in the Park Port Aventura (Spain) is a roller coaster in which the seats are not on rails and on the sides. The lack of foot exacerbates the feeling of insecurity in the successful completion of the trip, what even the big brave start to shake from fear. The trolley travels at a speed of 135 km/h accelerates for 3 seconds, the length of the track is 850 metres away.

Formula Rossa

Those who cannot live without the incredible speed, you must visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi (UAE). It is the world’s fastest roller coaster. The trolley accelerates to 240 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Passengers should wear safety glasses, as otherwise you can get eye damage particles that float in the air.

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