A real vacation adventure

Sure, even taken together, the adults of the world are not waiting for the summer so looking forward to, what awaits him individual student. Vacation after all! Why don’t you fall in childhood and dream about the upcoming summer vacation? And not to arrange a joint – and most importantly, memorable! – vacation with his offspring? A dream vacation, which even after 20 years come true in a timely manner…

10 places you need to visit all the children. And of course their parents if they didn’t make it in time.

DISNEYLAND USA, 40 miles from Los Angeles (CA) right here in the middle of 1950-ies was created the first, the “real” legendary Park, which is inhabited by the favorite cartoon characters of the great Walt Disney, act of exposition about American history, cultures of different peoples and where you can make the most more realer “Cosmic journey”.

“Evrodisneylend” France, 30 km from Paris, This Disneyland was built in the image and likeness of Californian counterpart, it has five themed zones: Map Street, U. S. A. Fantasyland, Frontierland, Advertureland, Discoveryland. Here you will meet cowboys and pirates, Indiana Jones and the Indians, fairy-tale characters from your favorite childhood cartoons and time travel!

“Tatilya”Turkey, Istanbul This Park is called the Turkish Disneyland for the first place in Europe and fifth in the world. Lots of rides, slides, carousels, water fountains and spectacular views, meeting with fairy tale characters and movie heroes. And all this is surrounded by more than 55 thousand plants, flowers and trees from around the world, as well as artificial lakes, mountains and waterfall. And yet here eternal spring – temperatures are maintained at around +21ºC.

“Asterix” in France, Playa (30 km from Paris) Well, who would refuse to get in the days of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece… the Gauls from the popular comic book we welcome you all year round, but the full Park is open from April to October. Here there are the most famous road in the vicinity of Rome Via Antiqua, and Roman Empire and ancient Greece, and the Dolphinarium, and the Gaulish village, and even the Prague street.

“Mommyland” Finland, Naantali (20 km from Turku) Moomin trolls exist, and they live in the Finnish town of Naantali. The whole island Moomin! The home of Moomin world was built on the sketches of their “mom” – writer Tove Jansson. In Moomin house, you can visit the kitchen Mumi-mums and sit at the table, Moomin dad, to try on a Wizard’s hat and climb the ladder. And, of course, don’t forget to buy Moomin Moomin Souvenirs in a special boutique.

PORT AVENTURA, Spain, Salou this is where the real adventure! Because the very name of the Park translates as “the Port of adventure”. The second largest Park in Europe and certainly the most celebrated in Spain. And you will have the opportunity to travel not only in space but also in time.

LEGOLAND Denmark, Belong in the Danish city Belong in 1934, was first invented by the designer “LEGO”, which is now almost 80 years, is able to capture the kids ‘ attention for hours. In the Park are collected from the designer model of the largest European cities, the landscapes of Africa, the settlements of the ancient Indians, the medieval castle. Another Legoland is available in the us San Diego.

DUMAN Astana, Kazakhstan This Aquarium is unique, it is unique in the world, remote from the ocean more than 3,000 km away, where live more than 2000 sea inhabitants, for they have brought here 3 million tons of water and 12 tons of sea salt. At the bottom of the tunnel laid a large aquarium moving walkway. Twice a day you can observe how to feed sharks. Close to another interesting place – the Jungle, where you will have the opportunity to walk on the field Tarzan and the thrill of meeting with dinosaurs.

MIRABILANDIA Italy, 40 km from Rimini, This is the largest amusement Park in Italy: 200,000 m3 – the third in Europe after Disneyland Paris and the Spanish Port Aventura. Here are 40 of the most modern rides, circus, 3D cinema, 25-metre tower for jumping into the water, theatre and music venues, foam party for kids, stunt show, ballet on ice and a water Park.

“Phantasialand” Germany, brühl Park is available close to the cities of Cologne and Bonn, at the location brühl. The highlight of the program – space show “Galaxy!”: an incredible journey through the milky Way – a stunning multimedia effects and dynamic simulation of space flight.

“Junibacken” Stockholm, Sweden All the characters in the books by Astrid Lindgren settled in their own houses on the island of djurgården in the heart of the city – Carlson, Pippi Longstocking, Emil I lönneberga, Ronia, the robber’s daughter. Take a ride in the Fairy-tale train ride horse peppy and try on her outfits.

Estate of father Frost Russia, Velikiy Ustyug , well, let the summer! Real Santa Claus with his snow Maiden themselves the guests go once a year, but do yourself happy to see children and adults all year round. No doubt, it will be the same fun as on New year’s! Because there is always something interesting happening. And anyway – have you ever seen Santa Claus in sandals on a Sunny meadow?!

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