Amusement Park “Asterix and Obelix” in Paris

After that you get completely wet from head to toe and stunned by the adrenaline rush, start to rush around the Park from one attraction to another with the desire to replicate the emotions. And, of course, “Asterix” made these gifts a lot, so that emotional exhaustion at the end of the day you can not avoid.

You see the store with the signature cloaks the Park, of course, so you no longer need, but you still buy it, and continue to run around the Park like set a goal to visit as many attractions. And in the evening when the staff politely asked him to leave, many (and probably you among them) looking for the latest working the hill, to another ride.

General information

The Park is named for the popular French comic book characters of Asterix and Obelix . These characters are everywhere: large sculptures dressed as people, the images on the logos. In General, the scenery in the Park is performed at the highest level, covering Gaelic village, quiet old streets, everywhere clean and tidy; as they say, made with love.

What to visit

The hallmark of the Park are the water rides . Alone there are four water slides. Be prepared that after a dizzying descent into the water you dry not to stay. Nowhere else-that can take a jet of water and spray, which will disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

If you think that after the other amusement parks you are nothing more than is not surprising, you’re wrong.While in Paris, do not take take one day to “Asterix”.

How to get

The Park operates seasonally — from April 7 until the end of September . In the summer it is open from 10:00 to 18:00 hours, sometimes until 20:00.

Although located 35 km from Paris. to reach it will not be difficult. You need to get to the main airport of Charles de Gaulle and go on the platform of the A3 bus stops. There also sells tickets to the Park along with a ticket for the Shuttle. Buses leave every half hour and go to the Park in about 15 minutes.

The best time to visit

Park under the open sky, and because there is a lot of water attractions to visit it is better to choose warm weather . And the cloak still, it is better to buy before the first ride. Although, if you want to get a full set of fun, and forget about the cloak.

Where to stay

The Park is located near Paris, so most of the tourists book housing there. If you plan to spend in the Park two or more days, there are cozy hotels with the highest level of comfort. Finding and booking a hotel room we recommend you to do before you travel: will more choice and much lower cost of living.

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