Amusement Park Asterix near Paris

Our French caring and hospitable friends were going to join us, but for some reason did not work, but got us discounted tickets.

By subway RER (Reseau express regional) get to the station Aéroport Charles De Gaulles Terminal 1, Terminal 3, exit the platform and on the bridge go into the building, down to the first floor and in the far left corner from the place where entered, looking for cash with symbols of the Park, buy a ticket (it looks like a cashier’s check) on the bus to the Park, right beside the exit to the street, where the stops need a bus on which is written the name of the transportation company CIF Keolis group, which is a partner of Parc Asterix. If you have a return ticket, on the way there the driver will sign this cheque, and on the way back just look at him.

The bus departs every 30 minutes from 09:00 to 18:30. Return every 30 minutes from 09:30 to 19:00.

In the checkout you can purchase a combined ticket which includes travel there and back and entrance Bilet Park. The price of the ticket for adults is 47 Euro, for children – € 39.

A separate bus ticket in one direction costs 8 euros per adult and 7 per child, but for the back and 8.5 and 7.5 Euro respectively. For a group of 10 people, the tickets will be 50 cents cheaper.

Schedule Parc Asterix for 2014 here on the wall.

Half an hour on the bus and we’re at the Park. The Park is decorated in the style of the movie or cartoon about Gauls Asterix and Obelix.

In the Park there are not only the main characters of the cartoon, but also various other characters.

What is it? Is a Trojan horse stone?

In front of this wall stands a large catapult. And this silhouette shows the result of her failed. this is what happens when a violation of safety.

A little walk in the Park, looked at the pavilion with the attraction about Caesar, which tells a story about the fabulous adventures of the Gauls. The sound of the action on the French, the details are not clear, but overall nice and entertaining. In the process visited the room with the fountains where splashed water is projected cartoon characters, which is something they tell you. Then visitors find themselves inside a large Gali vessel which, judging by the images and inclinations, and is in some serious trouble, except upside down all not turns. It is clear that all rescue Asterix and Obelix.

The Park is green and fresh. Around the fountains and animals found in ponds are carps.

And on the lawns you can see the rabbit.

Different parts of the Park are decorated differently. Here we have a stone medieval city.

Watch resembling the famous Prague.

Our goal is hill. One of the biggest and most impressive – Goudurix. Here it is in the distance.

Uh-Oh, flying upside down.

Slide over the water.

Exit from loop acceleration.

One race lasts a very short time, less than a minute, but the slide is fast and with lots of inversions, turns, flips speed and congestion. It quickly, but when you get a little stormy in this situation you are still some time. Better to sit and clean up your vestibular system.

And again the entrance to the loop.

Here I found a video of the arrival, filmed from the first truck. Not to wait for the initial rise, you can look from 0:48.

Next slide – Osiris (OzIris). Slide, which in one place leaves under water. It is longer and lasts for a little over a minute, the acceleration is less, but it is none the less impressive.

By the way, while driving more impressed not senyavina in the underwater tunnel, and the unexpected “dips” in the recesses below the common level of the earth.

Seems that scary when under the feet of no sex, and they hang in the air, especially given the periodic coups. But in fact, it just did not pay attention, not before.

So seen in this slide.

The queue for the ride is pretty decent, but the process is designed so that they move quickly. While one group rides, the second sit the next one sharp impressions.

Then they told us that another powerful and long hill – Tonnere de Zeus, though she doesn’t look terrible. It was the longest queue which was moving very slowly, because in one part of the trucks fits a few people and he seems to be one. In short, all long. We would just be nothing more time.

In some ponds in the Park are boats and it is possible for money to control them by a special panel.

Finally decided to ride on a small water slide. The route itself is pretty simple, you go slowly, sometimes shivering from the water fountains from different angles, but in the process there are two steep descent, after which the truck enters the water. A little wet, but after the roller coaster you can go into a special drying chamber where are dried under IR radiation and streams of warm air.

About water slides, ponds, fountains and waterfalls, beauty, grace, and idyll.

One of the major attractions of the Park, though it is for children. A hole in this infernal machine can throw any sliver and there will be something unimaginable, for example, are you gonna croak frog or mushroom will make weird noises.

After we ride, we returned by bus from the Park we returned to the subway station, where he learned the important thing, it turned out that this station is magical or enchanted, all trains run to Paris, and warning signs.

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