Amusement parks: admission is for adults only

Once in the Lithuanian town of Druskininkai, you will visit the famous Grutas Park where in their own skin will be able to know what had the prisoners of the Gulag, who spent all his life in a close embrace of totalitarianism. No, if you want to attach the child to a sad story, then of course. There is even a children’s Playground. You can even take the baby in the cattle cars. But keep in mind that the Park conditions are quite severe, in the towers standing along the perimeter, armed guards, and dogs with leashes are eager to tear apart the unwitting prisoners. After visiting the Park you can eat at a local cafe that serves soup “Nostalgia” jelly “Memory” and other dishes of Soviet cuisine. Before visiting Grutas Park better prepare the child. For example, read him something from George Orwell.

Amusement Park shijingshan ulayan . located in Beijing is the most exciting entertainment center that will delight every child. Then, you ask, what is he doing in the list of “adult” parks? The thing is that this Park is the epitome of copyright infringement. Lawyers for the company Walt Disney can’t do anything with the Chinese, who waved to all intellectual property laws. Shijingshan ulayan almost pornotubered Disneyland and the guests they meet the characters from disney’s animated masterpieces. So if you teach your child not to take someone else’s, then you need to think carefully about whether to take the baby in the Beijing Disneyland.But the child, in principle, anyway, who is under the mask of Mickey mouse – an American with the right of ownership or Chinese with the ability to give a good mood.

On Jeju island, part of South Korea, Park Love Land . which was opened relatively recently – in 2004. The demographic situation in South Korea real trouble. Because the Park was created in order to improve this situation and to cause at least a small but population explosion. In fact, the situation in South Korea is very serious. According to statistics, this country has the lowest birth rate of 1.2 children per woman. The sponsors Love Land decided to shake the strong pillars of the South Korean chastity. The Park is a new look at many things, appreciating the fullness of the relationship between man and woman through numerous attractions: Large Rock Penis, the Hills of the Breasts, and also numerous statues of a sexual nature. This allowed adults only. As for Korean children, the authorities began to think about how to allow them entrance to the Park, to prepare them for the real adult life and a little softening of conservative callousness of sexuality.

Each of us wants our kids play only computer games and horror films. Sometimes you need a book in his hands to hold. But how to attach the child to the classics? Quite simply – take child to Park Dickens World . located in the English County of Kent. But be very careful, because the Park opens all the “charms” of the era, wrote about the great Dickens. Here there is deep poverty and the stench that was characteristic of Victorian England. The misery of nineteenth-century London can fully enjoy visiting the lender of Peerybingle or once in debtor’s prison, Marshalsea. Want to show your child social ills? You are welcome.

You have not heard anything about Mexican Park, Ecoalberto . Well, then you are not sure that they feel the illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border. The most popular attraction in the Park is the Caminata Nocturna, which translated from Spanish means “night walk”. Do not expect that you will be guided to walk through the incredibly beautiful dunes at night. The essence of this attraction is that you are in the role of an illegal immigrant trying to cross the border. The highlight of the attraction is an exciting moment when the darkness of the night there is a border with sirens wailing and guns blazing. You will not let go just so the guards opens fire on hiding behind a cactus uneasy. The organizers of this wonderful attraction – the Indians, Niuniu or Otomi. They do not know what illegal border crossings, because many of them have made this illegal transition in real life.

How many of us are already fed Breakfast that will soon open the largest amusement Park in the world in the United Arab Emirates. Dubailand is located on the territory of 300 square kilometers, and the total cost of the enchanted world is about 63 billion dollars. But the economic crisis of 2009 has destroyed all plans of the company Tatweer, the owner of the Park. At the moment the complex is a series of unfinished houses scattered in the mountains of construction materials. Such a sad sight would upset not only children but also adults.

In the world there are many things that you can hang a sign “Children under 16 allowed.” But we are unlikely to be able to protect them from all mischief of life. So the above parks can be a good demonstration of how to live is not necessary. However, everything is relative in this world. If one day the world will see the Park, which will tell, for example, about how we need to kill their own kind, don’t worry – it’s in us tells our humanity.

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