Best amusement parks for kids and adults

Many parents, when planning a trip with children, looking for places that would please both adults and children.

In this article we will tell you where you can go with children, and to receive the sea of pleasure.

1. The most popular Park in the world – Disneyland . located near Paris. It consists of several huge areas of entertainment: the actual Park and Walt Disney studios and Disney village and theme of the Golf course. To the delight of children and adults who are too happy to rest here, works more than 50 different rides. They are all set around the main attraction – the actual character of Disney, which we see is the castle of sleeping beauty, with a 35-foot dragon on the inside. In the Studio, visitors can look behind the scenes of animation and see how to create a masterpiece of Disney. In the evenings a very special show – a parade of fairy tale characters. This is the place where realizing the dream of millions.

2. The second amusement Park called Mirabilandia and is located in Italy in the area of resorts of Ravenna and Rimini. Among the forty is the most extreme rides in the world. The most terrible is considered a “Katan”, in the form of an ancient Mayan calendar, which is an inverted roller coaster. The Mirabilandia theme Park is also famous for its water slides and entertainment on the space theme. In addition to skiing, visitors to entertain a variety of entertainment:laser show, performance of stuntmen and so on. Around the Park, fragrant gardens, and one part goes to the beaches of the Adriatic.

Z. In Spain, too, has its own amusement Park in Barcelona Port Aventura . This is a huge resort with hotels, bars and Aqua Park. The Park is divided into zones with the national theme Mediterranean, Mexican, Wild West, China and fairyland sesame for small children. The most famous and extreme attraction – “Flight of the Condor” – free fall from hundred-meter height. In this Park visitors on a miracle-machine beat world records of speed, instant acceleration and height.

4. In the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, the amusement Park, as one would expect – luxury – Ferrari World . There also is the fastest pneumatic roller coaster in the world. Under the roof in the form of a giant disc wheels Ferrari, are all kinds of fun for fans of these cars – racing school, Playground, radio-controlled cars, Museum, racing simulators, and so on. Here, even on the carousel instead of horses – Ferrari.

5. In Denmark, in Billund the Park strikes imagination with hard work and diligence of its creators is a Legoland world of LEGO. And it really is “world” and not such a figurative expression. Miniatures, built with 46 000 000 parts depict the sights of different cities of the world. And all of this is – cars drive by, trains run, ships – floating in the water. The Park is divided not so much on theme as on age-related areas, as a visit not only rest and entertainment, but also intellectual work – because children and adults can create their own toys.

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