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Port Aventura Spain or Port Aventura, the famous amusement Park and resort in Europe, located in the town of Salou on the Spanish Costa Blanca, about 1 hour drive South from Barcelona. Port Aventura annually receives over 3 million tourists – is the most frequently visited amusement Park in Spain and the 6th in attendance in Europe. The Park also includes an aquatic water Park (PortAventura Aquatic) and 5 hotels (Port Aventura. El Paso. Gold River. Caribe Resort. Lucy’s Mansion ). It is the largest resort complex with amusement Park in the South of Europe. In a 30-minute reach of the Park there are two international airports, a 10-minute drive away is the airport of Reus. Train station near Costa CARIBE aquatic Park connects it with cities such as Barcelona and Salou.

The structure of the Park

This Spanish amusement Park is divided into 6 themed “worlds”:

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the first part of the Park, where tourists get straight from the main entrance. In the Mediterranean, a huge variety of restaurants, various cafes and souvenir shops. In this part of the Park is the attraction Furius Baco (it opened in 2007), reaches maximal speed of 135 km/h in 3.5 seconds.

The thrill of the trip to be unforgettable, osobenno those sex places on the left side from the center and in the front seats. It is very desirable to lay out things from his pockets in order not to lose. Note that for tourists there is a limit to growth – the minimum increase should costallat 1.40 meters and a maximum of 1.95 metres.

Wild West

In this part of the Park all reminiscent of the development of the American Wild West. Here reigns the spirit of rollicking cowboy, here you can watch the colorful American landscapes, to listen to breathtaking music, and more. Special interest tourists in this thematic area lead to the following amusement parks: Silver River Flume and Stampida, Tomahawk and Grand Canyon Rapids. Silver River Flume is a great water attraction, representing a river with sharp changes in elevation. Last ascent and descent to evoke powerful emotions from all tourists, without exception, because a dry out is almost impossible. Stampida is a wooden roller coaster on compact trolleys, which move along parallel routes. Tomahawk Port Aventura is a wooden roller coaster on trolleys of a single class. Grand Canyon Rapids is a water ride where visitors are invited to make a descent on a mountain river on a large inflatable endovascular treatment.


In this area of the Park offers tourists a colorful theme and a huge number of cafes serving Mexican cuisine. Here is one of the new (established in 2005) and popular tourist attractions called “the Flight of the Condor”. Height attarction – 100 meters of free fall is 86 meters. Note the limit to growth: minimum height: 1.40 metres and 1.95 metres. Also on the territory of the Mexican zone is working attraction called El Diablo-Tren de la Mina is an American racing special long route, with no severe elevation changes.


In this area of the Park is a real Chinatown, and at its best. The attraction is Dragon Khan is a true landmark amusement Park. Throughout the route tourists rushing by with a speed about 100 km/h in 8 loops, so indifferent after this riding, usually not byvaet! Interestingly, 12 may 2012 in the Park, the opening of new unique slides Shambhala (Shambhala), beating all European records of speed and altitude .

The attraction beats three European records:

Shambhala is the highest rollercoaster in Europe (height = 76 meters)

It’s a roller coaster with the longest drop (78 meters)

Fastest roller coaster in Europe, the ride can reach a speed of 134 km/h on the first descent.

The Shambhala ride at Port Aventura introduces the audience to 5 peaks to climb, the smallest of them has a height, which is equivalent to 7-metagenome the building. Each of these peaks the tourists will experience the effect known as air time, that is literally losing contact with the seat. This will remind to sudden changes in level on a dirt road, but much more intense. The ride has 3 trains, each with 32 seats, which are able to run a route at the same time. Current restriction on growth: minimal growth shall be 1.40 meters.


Colorful theatrical shows, numerous rides, meals in a cafe with natsionalnoy kitchen and a themed carry tourists Polynesia. Among the attractions of Polynesia, deserves special attention of the guests, are the following: the Sea Odyssey 4D cinema and a water ride Tutuki Splash. Also interesting:

Swing KontikiWave

The river and swing in the “Polynesia”

Til Port Aventura

Sesame is a wonderful country to Port Aventura for children, where there are rides for even the youngest visitors. Everything from 3-year-old guests to the adult travelers will find entertainment for the soul. For example, children are fascinated by airplanes, which travel on the rails, the sesame, and also attraction – free fall(slow and low), fun carousel airplane, cute managed fish and much more.

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