Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris – Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris (Disneyland Paris) – a complex of amusement parks of the Walt Disney company. Disneyland Paris is located in Marne-La-vallée, 32 kilometers East of Paris. April 12, 1992, the opening of Disneyland Paris. The Park is approximately 1943 acres, on which there are two theme parks Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, amusement Park Disney Village and a Golf course, hotels, business and living quarters. For the year, Disneyland Paris is visited by about 12.5 million people.

Disneyland Park is the oldest part of the complex. It is divided into five theme parks that are grouped around the Sleeping Beauty castle, the symbol of Disneyland.

Adventureland (land of adventure) – the popular rides of this Park are “Indiana Jones and the Temple of danger”, “adventure Island”, the refuge of Robinson Crusoe on the branches of a huge tree, “pirates of the Caribbean”.

Frontierland (Border country) – amusement rides roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain and the haunted house Phantom Manor passed this part of the Park spirit of the Wild West. You can also ride on the steamboats in the Western style, to meet the Indians and cowboys, to shoot or positionable zoo.

Main Street USA (Main road) – this road starts immediately after the entrance to Parisi Disneyland, and consists of restaurants and shops. It leads directly to the castle of Sleeping Beauty, from which you can then get into the other parts of the Park. Street built in the style of the city late XIX – early XX century, reminiscent of the architecture of the city of Marceline, Missouri, where he grew up Walt Disney.

Discoveryland (Country of discovery) – here you can see the future invented by Jules Verne. This part of the Park designed in the style of the future from the point of view of science fiction of the late nineteenth century. Here, the roller coaster Space Mountain, opposite of the slides of the thirty-minute show “the Legend of King lion”, an interactive Dark Ride, flight stimulator Star Tours, carousel with missiles Orbitron, a karting track with petrol vehicles Autopia.

Fantasyland (the land of imagination) – is primarily aimed at younger guests of the Park. Here are all the rides represented on motives of a known fairy tales: “Snow white and the seven dwarfs,” flight of Peter pan, labyrinth of Alice, the journey of Pinocchio, “Aladdin”.

Walt Disney Studios Park (Walt Disney studios) – here everyone can look behind the scenes. In this part of the Park hold a variety show with the presentation of some special effects and stunt skills.

Disney Village is a small town, which is open even after you close most of the Park. There are a variety of shops, restaurants, discos and cinemas. There is also a bowling center, and private covered Parking. All the shops in this part you can buy the same Souvenirs as on the territory of Disneyland.

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