Disneyland Paris: in a fairy tale

If ” Paris is a holiday that is always with you !”, then imagine what a double celebration – Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Paris), or as it is called Euro-Disneyland! And it is true! I can say quite responsibly and knowledgeably!))) The week I spent there, gives me the basis for such statements. Therefore, we would like to share their experiences, observations and advice with those who have yet to discover this amazing, awesome, fantastic world of Disney, which last year celebrated its 20th anniversary! To begin with, what would you say, perhaps, sacramental thing in Disneyland you need to go with the mood and prepared. Mood is the key, without it anywhere! And, you know, reading online reviews “experienced” complaining about the endless crowd of people, Queuing for rides, the noise and hubbub of children, etc. and mood leaves in a minus. Yes,wishing, like you, to attend this “celebration of life”, really a lot. it’s a fact! But with good planning, you can save both time and effort.

So tip # 1 . if possible, live at Disneyland, and there will be many “pluses”: 1. the Park opens 2 hours earlier (8 am, not 10 like regular visitors), 2. Disney characters, which is hard to keep up in the Park come to you “a look” in the hotel

3. washingtonia tickets without restrictions on input and output (plus all the rides included in the price. And by the way, for staying in the hotels of the Disneyland tickets are usually included in the price!), 4 “bonus”. possible, not for all residents, and guests of the so-called “club rooms”(they cost more expensive standard but includes some additional “Goodies”, it is necessary to know for each hotel separately), so nivenia fastpass is a special ticket, which on some rides you can go without expectations, it works like this: you go to the attraction and insert your admission ticket into a special box. You will get a basic ticket and, besides him, you get another voucher – where you specify the time period within which you can go on the ride, but that time may come after an hour or two, then you don’t need all that time to stand in line, and to come to the specified time and available to go with the voucher through the passage indicating the “fastpass”.

By the way, in hotels often operate promotions, for example, children up to 7 years (and sometimes up to 12!) reside with their parents free of charge as well. if you are staying for more than 5 days discount for 1 night.

The Disneyland hotel (also called. as the Park) is located near the entrance to the Park.

Standard room accommodation for two parents and 1(or 2) children. Two double beds, one of them a little less suitable for a child or two (here it is accepted that children sleep in the same bed).

Tip # 2 . choose a time of travel given the fact that in the summer, Christmas and Easter especially a lot of people. And, of course, the best time is weekdays. So, IMHO, the most beautiful time is early fall, late spring, beginning of summer and definitely during weekdays: first, children, in the bulk, at school, and secondly, the weather is warm, allowing the heart to spend it outdoors.))) During rain and thunderstorms most of the rides are closed. Plus in winter it is also part of the attractions not working.

Tip # 3: study the Park map in advance (if you eat with your child, then some attentioni allowed strictly from a certain height (>120 cm >140 cm), on the map it should be marked!) and view the programme of events.

The Disneyland Park consists of five theme parks: Adventureland (adventure Country). Frontierland (Border country), which transmits the spirit of the Wild West, Discoveryland (Country of discovery). Fantasyland (the land of imagination), and Main Street USA (the Main road of the USA ), where many shops and restaurants .

Showcase invitingly call did not pass. and to be honest, to restrain themselves, and especially a child, pretty hard.

In stores in addition to the usual Souvenirs and toys full of carnival costumes, the smartest selection for girls, disney princesses dresses for every taste and color))) So that children are not waiting for any Christmas or carnival, and immediately be dressed in costumes and roam around the Park so.))) Happy! How little they need for happiness! Or a lot!?)))

Once a day usually is a festive parade with all the characters of Disney ( Disney Parade ) (16.30) it for a certain period (several months or more) is repeated so much sense to walk him every day no, but if really liked or you want to look at it from different points (the parade runs along Main street – Main Street USA ).

In the evening at 21.30, when it is quite dark in the area of Sleeping beauty’s castle (the symbol of Disneyland) is the colorful music laser show .

And, of course, is to know that there is a second, nemenee interesting Park near Disneyland Park Walt Disney studios ( Walt Disney Studios Park ), opened nearby in 2002

Ahead you will find a small overview of attractions in different parts of the Park: Main Street USA. Frontierland ,Fantasyland. Discoveryland and the second Park – Walt Disney Studios Park . So, as they say, stay tuned!))) And you have answered the question: “Where does childhood, in what city? And where can we find the means to once again get in there?”

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