DreamWorks in Russia

Theme parks entertainment DreamWorks in Russia will bring $60-100 million per year 15/02

Implementation began of a joint project of the Regions GC and DreamWorks Animation. In the framework of this project it is planned to build three theme Park under the brand DreamWorks Animation in Russia. Such parks will appear in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Parks under the DreamWorks Animation brand in Russia will be the first in Europe.

The first is scheduled to open theme Park in St. Petersburg. Construction of facilities the company plans to complete in 2015.

In the capital area for the construction of theme parks has not chosen, in the Northern capital Park will be build at Industrial Avenue, and in Ekaterinburg – Koltsovo tract. Investments in this project will amount to approximately $ 1 billion. Partners GK “Regions” will be Sberbank, Gazprombank, etc. it is Assumed that the payback period is 10 years. The developer is going to invest 30 percent of their funds and 70% – borrowed funds.

Depending on the region the cost of admission to the Park will be 80 – $ 100. Given the fact that every year, each Park will receive more than 11 000 000 visitors total income from them would be 60 000 000 – 100 000 000 of dollars a year.

According to a member of southdirection GK “Regions” Amiran Mutsoev, the concept of this project has no analogues in the world. Themed amusement parks in Russia will become the largest amusement parks in Russia. A similar project is now being implemented in the United States near new York.

According to the authors of the project, it will be successful, especially when you consider the statistic that 67 percent of Russians are permanently located entertainment.

Complexes in the parks will be done indoor, in order to allow visitors to come here all year round. Pavilions will be constructed with a height of 35 meters. The total area of the indoor parks will be approximately 100,000 square meters. Each of these three theme parks will be part of a large shopping and entertainment complexes that offer Parking for 11,000 cars. In addition to the Park and retail space in the project will appear in the cinemas and restaurants. Also tourists from other regions plan to build next to each shopping and entertainment center of the hotel is a 3-star 400 rooms.

GK “Regions” is one of the most dynamically developing company on the real estate market of Russia. In the possession of the company has a network of TRTS “June” and a network TTS “Siberian town”. Among the largest owners of real estate in Russia, the Regions GC took 4th place. In the group’s portfolio consists of 28 operating facilities, whose total area is more than 600,000 square meters and three projects that are under construction.

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