“Europa Park” in Germany

The Europark in Germany in its scale far exceeds many amusement parks in Europe. Its recognition one of the best parks – a worthy and well-deserved award, because “Europapark” contained in itself all the best rides almost all over Europe!

“Europa Park” in Germany – with 62 acres of entertainment!

Are you going on vacation with children in Germany? So you just have to visit one of the most fascinating and interesting attractions of this country – the amusement Park Europa Park!

This wonderful Europark in Germany in its scale far exceeds many amusement parks in Europe. It includes 11 diverse topics parts corresponding to certain countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavian States, you can spend time in the mysterious “Country of the Vikings,” to visit the magical “Chocolate land,” luxury “Palace Park” and see many other wonders – and it’s all in one place!

Welcome to the Europa-Park!

As elsewhere in the world, each country has its own unique attractions and national traditions: Italian palaces from the Baroque to the jousting under the enchanting flamenco music in Spain. International artists from different corners of the globe will entertain you on an exciting show, where more 100 different types is “Europa Park”in Germany.

Its recognition one of the best parks – a worthy and well-deserved award, because “Europapark” contained in itself all the best rides almost all over Europe!

Is the “Europapark” in Germany, in the South-West, and more precisely in the town of rust, near Freiburg – capital of the black forest. At a distance of 60 km from Strasbourg, 240 km from Frankfurt 175 km from Zurich and 380 km from Munich. He is not inferior to its favorable location, even the ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, famous for its hotels, such as Obermuhle and Reindle Partenkirchner Hof. Also nearby are, but rather in 80 km, is the world-famous German resort Baden-Baden. 1860 person professional staff cater to the “Europapark”, covering an area of 62 acres, on which are placed all the rides.

But before going to any part of the Park, you have the first walk around classic German Boulevard, where a wide and welcoming smiles you will meet Euro-Maus with his girlfriend and elephant Euro-Fan. After the walk you will have to wait for a monorail train which will bring you around all of the little Europe, enjoying a beautiful view. The Palace Park is a little further German Boulevard. Enveloped in the peace and tranquility of the floral scents, there is also a castle of defence is one of the oldest FORTS built in 1442. Walking through this Park, please note it on the stumps – they turn into dwarves.

All States in the “Europa Park” is shown not only familiar with, but also from an unexpected quarter. The carnival of Venice and the wonderful Italian palaces create a vintage atmosphere of yesteryear, and Spanish jousting tournaments will impress your children. Next to Kingdom of the Dinosaurs located France with a fascinating attraction Eurosat – a huge silver sphere, every hour makes its visitors feel the magic of flight.

Passing by Russia, the first thing you will see is GUM, then there is one of the main attractions of the Europapark – roller Coaster, with a height of 28 meters. Ride them with the wind, you arrive in a Russian Village with the bells ringing, the color of sunflowers, my Grandmother’s dolls, icons, roasting pots according to ancient Russian tradition. Also see the dance a “Cossack” sung by Mickey mouse, the guys in the jerkin, sleigh rides through the forest, hand-blown glass of wonderful shapes colors! And, of course, notice the model of the legendary orbital space station “MIR”.

In addition to stage performances of Europark in Germany devotes time to holding conferences (over 800 last year), is constantly removed TV shows (over 200), and, of course, Souvenirs! About 50 souvenir shops offer to buy something for memory.

Another important landmark in the “Europapark” is the Greek coaster “Poseidon”, with a water slide 850m in length, where visitors will be able to fly at speeds up to 70 km /h. An unforgettable feeling of speed and beautiful impression can also be obtained on the rides “Lightning Matterhorn” and “Swiss bobsled” in the Swiss quarter or on rafting in “the Norwegian fjords” in Scandinavia.

“Europa Park” in Germany is the attention of tourists with colourful multimedia show with spectacular special effects, the new laser Studio Chocolate country, well, it is worth remembering about the legendary Shakespeare’s globe theatre in England. Fans of four-dimensional cinema opens its doors to a new theater, where they present films from the life of animals Pandavison.

In Ancient Rome, in the arena of the Coliseum on the Italian territory your attention is invited to show “the Gladiators are coming”, where you can see the unique grips Hiking Gladiator with horse “Tatars”.

Since 2007. with the opening of the new attraction “Atlantis Adventure”, visitors have the opportunity to go in search of the legendary Atlantis.

“Europapark” in Germany is open from 15 March to 2 November and from 29 November to 11 January (except 24.12 and 25.12) every day from 9 to 18 hours. In the high season time for the Park is extended.

You have a great opportunity to book accommodation in hotels located within walking distance to Europa Park, which in addition to high quality service, offering different packages of accommodation is already included tickets to the amusement Park Europe.

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