Fairy land

Fairy land of happiness and fun – amusement parks are becoming more popular every day for those wishing to break away from boring reality, plunge into the world of dreams, full of surprises and delight. To return to childhood, stepped into the possession of the fairy kings and fairy tale characters, get lost in the wilds of exciting rides and unpredictable mazes of Dreamland – theme Park… What could be more exciting!

Although today there are countless ways to relax, people with completely different interests, you can easily find at an amusement Park. Like mushrooms after a summer rain, around the world “grow” new parks. Tiny and gigantic, famous, and only “fledgling”, a fabulous, cosmic, historical, futuristic – you will find the amusement Park to your liking. Insanely many of them, like grains of sand in rapid river, scattered across the planet.

A world famous amusement Park, named after the talented and strange man – Walt Disney. Special mention deserve the huge entertainment corporations, uniting the many parks around the world under one name. Each of these parks in a very peculiar and interesting in its own way, and describe them in a couple of words is absolutely impossible. Let’s get together once in a while will visit some of them to try to feel their intriguyuschie a fabulous atmosphere.

Safety above all else

No matter how vouched the creators of the rides for their safety, however everything to do with speeds and emissions “horse” doses of adrenaline can lead to tragic consequences.For example, Disney was forced to close in the parks of attraction “a Trip to the Caribbean pirates”, built in 1967. Although bruises and abrasions received during a walk with pirates, was not fatal, many victims filed a lawsuit against the administration of Disneyland with the requirement to indemnify the caused damage to several million dollars.

In 2003 was opened attraction “mission to Mars”, which proved to be fatal. The attraction is very realistic and mimicked the various stages of space flight. 49-year-old tourist from Germany, ride it, complained of dizziness. The next day she died in the hospital. After this incident, the Park administration has placed special warnings about the danger of “carousel” for people suffering from heart disease. But after a while, this ride took the life a four year old child who lost consciousness and died in hospital.

Generally, American scientists have calculated that on the rides injure more people than in car accidents. Of course, the most dangerous attraction considered to be the famous roller coaster. Thus, during 1992-2001, only in the United States for assistance to more than 900 thousand victims, most of whom were children. In this regard, in many other parks in the ticket price of the mortgaged insurance against accidents.

The history of amusement parks

In 1583 he built the first amusement Park “Bakken” in Denmark. This event is considered to be the history of stationary amusement parks. According to legend, one girl walking in the Royal deer Park North of Copenhagen, noticed gushing from the ground spring. She collected the water and brought it home. The water is considered curative. In this place were to come a lot of people. The Danes had a rest near the spring, enjoying the peace and coolness. Artists began to play here street performances to the delight of the audience. After they started to build the booths. Appeared Inns. And after the most primitive amusement rides. It is noteworthy that the Park “Bakken” continues uninterrupted to the present day.

At the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries in Europe, first in France, Italy, and later in Russia in the gardens and parks of the nobility were arranged a variety of entertainment during the holidays. Aristocrats tried to impress each other. Appeared first rides. One example is Park the Sacred forest in Bomarzo. The usual nobleman’s mansion turned into an amusement Park where the rides were statues of monsters. It was the first attraction of this type.

A large spread of theme parks with water games. Clever engineering was a sudden gushing stream of water. In the middle of the XVIII century Russian scientist-engineer Andrey Nartov invented for Tsar Peter I “the mechanical sliding mountain.” Former soldiers of Napoleon’s army, broken by Moscow to create an analogue of the attraction, calling it a “coaster”. Also, a large popularity of the carousel with horses. In the early nineteenth century in America, where at weekends the number of passengers trams were considerably reduced, invented a kind of commercial move. By 1925, it was built about a thousand of such parks. Initially, the entrance to them was supposed to be free. Then they started to take money for entrance on the territory.

In 1928 in the USSR is the largest of the existing in Eastern Europe Moscow Central Park of culture and rest named after Maxim Gorky, better known as Gorkiy Park. In connection with the disasters brought by the Second world war, the development of the attractions industry for a long time still.

The popularity of the first Disney inspired the construction of similar parks across America. In Europe and Asia, large entertainment centers have appeared only over the next few decades. Amusement parks are very popular.

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Fairy land
Fairy land of happiness and fun – amusement parks are becoming more popular every day for those wishing to break away from boring reality, plunge into the world of dreams,…

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