Hotels Europa-Park

Europa-Park – one of the largest theme parks in the world. Hotels Europa-Park today can withstand the influx of tourists, which in its scale is inferior to Europe’s only Disneyland Paris. Europa-Park is located in Germany, near the city of rust, near the border of Germany, France and Switzerland. The themes of the Europa Park, you guessed it – Europe. It has its own miniature Germany, UK, France, Russia and other countries, as well as fairy tale “Chocolate Land” and “land of Vikings”. Each country has its own special attractions and a customized design for balalaika and space station “Mir”, for Italy – a mini-Baroque. However, the main advantage of the Park most tourists thinks roller coaster is one of the coolest in the world. In the Europe Park ride is the Silver Star – the largest roller coaster of Europe. In many respects, to experience breathtaking sensations on a roller coaster in Europa-Park every year millions of tourists come.

In an average year in the Europa-Park arrives around 4 million visitors. Of the army, greedy for spectacle and emotions of visitors the main part of the hotels of the Europa Park take in the summer, and during Christmas and New Year. Hotels Of Rust as well as small boarding houses in krestyjanskoe are the main place where you usually stop coming. In fact, Europa-Park is located 4 hotel that can’t always accommodate everyone, but which are worth telling in detail.

Hotel Colosseo 4* . Located in the area of Italy, this hotel is decorated accordingly: arches, stairs, themed rooms, pools, and a Spa around there is the atmosphere of Ancient Rome. Numerous cafes, hotel Colosseo offers, of course, Italian cuisine. Total number of rooms – 350, 22 of which are thematic suites. Of the shortcomings – the lack of air conditioning. In the hottest weather, have to open for ventilation Windows that overlook the bustling alleys of the Europa-Park.

Hotel Santa Isabel 4* . This time Portugal. The Santa Isabel follows the principles of tematichno and to its guests offers the design that best suits the shape of Portugal. Hotel Santa Isabel is a monastery where the tourists can stay in rooms like monastic cells. The monastic theme involves austerities, so that guests do not expect a Minibar in the room. For the “advanced monks” in the hotel Santa Isabel provides conference halls and the old monastery cellar, which can be removed for the party. The hotel Santa Isabel has 66 rooms.

Hotel El Andaluz 4* . Possibly the best hotel in the Europa-Park. Sultry Spain, bullfighting, flamenco… at El Andaluz is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel Santa Isabel is the oldest hotel in the Park. It was opened in 1995. All 182 rooms provide individual design in the spirit of the guest houses of the Andalusian with terracotta tiles, wooden furniture and mosaics. The hotel has a cosy garden. There is also a heated pool, a hairdresser, a Spanish restaurant and bar, decorated in the form of a circus tent.

Hotel Castillo Alcazar 4* – Spanish theme continues here, with only some bias in the story. The hotel Castillo Alcazar is a Spanish medieval citadel. Among the hotels of the Europa Park Castillo Alcazar is certainly the most protected. It has 120 rooms in addition to the traditional Spanish furniture hotel used a suit of armor. Of the 21st century in the walls of the hotel Castillo Alcazar – LCD televisions, Internet access, satellite TV.

It is worth noting that the hotels of Europa-Park presents not only four-star hotels. In the Park is provided and an affordable rate. This Tipi Village –a village where tourists can spend the night in a tepee, a wooden cottage or in the van of the settlers of the Wild West.

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