Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Ocean Park in Hong Kong – the giant amusement Park that I have ever been to. Here you can drive on a specially equipped bus to and from Admiralty MTR station (exit B).

What is there just no – Oceanarium, marine mammal Park, animal, pandas and cool rides! It covers an area of 91.5 hectares, in fact it is simply impossible to imagine how it much it the whole day to get around. At first I tried, but by the end of the day so tired, spat and in some places did not go)) In the center of the Park is a mountain and divides it into two parts, and to move from one part to another for the cable car-themed train in the tunnel or even on the huge escalators. He is truly a giant, this is a must see!

Once inside, the first thing that catches the eye – a huge blue dome. It turned out to be Oceanarium. Where I went.

Here you can touch a live starfish! Pre-washing your hands 🙂 Interesting, pleasant feeling.

And a huge aquarium, next to which all want to make cool Photos, but nobody gets it)

In General, so I don’t get eaten by sharks, I decided to get-away from the blue dome! I get out and everything is so mimimi…

I think I’ll go to the pandas! I almost for them to come. When choosing between Disneylandi ocean Park, just pandas-and became a decisive argument in favor of the latter.

More precisely, it was the same Panda. The rest, even as found out I was coming, hid(

I also decided to hit the ceiling and went in search of adventure. Look – what kind of space the building is bizarre! It turned out the station of the underground train. But here I will come later, first of all it is necessary to scout around.

Then I took off on a space train in a beautiful country! I mean, in the second part of the Park.

Think the kid with the glasses just stole something)

Side views of the steepest slides in the Park, they were the longest queue that I bravely defended. They simply do not front picture.

Then I went down there on three giant escalators. His feet were already off. It was getting dark.

In General, in this part of the Park, I have almost no riding, no forces were not. Walked to the cable car to return to where we started. And it was very beautiful.

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