Park “dream Island”

Moscow will get a unique children’s amusement Park “dream Island”

In Nagatinskaya floodplain will have a unique children’s amusement Park “dream Island” from Dreamworks in 2018, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

According to him, which leads AGN “Moscow”. starts to come true the dream of creating a large theme Park of the world level. “We worked a lot on this project. Selected various investors, invited foreign investors, but, unfortunately, one after another, these projects were no longer required and have not been implemented”.

The mayor noted that today in the Nagatinskaya floodplain embarking on a large project. “I hope it will be implemented in the coming years. It is good that we transform the abandoned territory into a flourishing garden, create an object that will delight kids and their parents. There will be children’s smiles and laughter”.

Previously, the Moscow authorities have approved the application for the planning permission to build a children’s amusement Park in Nagatinskaya floodplain “Island of dreams” from Dreamworks and Park “Soyuzmultfilm”, a multiplex cinema. The total area of the amusement Park and other facilities of the building will be more than 293,9 thousand square meters.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky noted the importance of the fact that half of the topic areas given to the heroes of cartoons and fairy tales. “I love you, Mr Sobyanin, that here the right animatsionnaya. We then Batman is not needed. Cheburashka, Gena the Crocodile, a wolf and a Hare – and then the children will love the Park”.

In addition, Nagatinskaya floodplain will accommodate the building of a concert hall, a hotel complex and a children’s yachting school. A significant part will be a public city Park. The coastal zone of the Moskva river will become a pedestrian promenade. Will remain and will be reconstructed South river station.

Member of Board of Directors GK “Regions”, which will build a Dreamworks Park, Amiran Mutsoev announced that the Park will be more than 40 different rides – a roller coaster with a noose and attractions for children, such as the castle of the Snow Queen at the height of 25 meters, that height is almost like 12-13-storey building.

He added that the cost of child ticket is less than in similar parks around the world. “We had counterparts around the world. Our project will be cheaper. The entrance ticket will cost 1,4-1,5 thousand rubles. And there will be a finding included no time limit. And you can ride all the rides are 40”.

The sec noted that the city does not invest anything. “Fully 100% of the investments made by the company GK “Regions”. The project budget of more than $ 1.5 billion. The project is expensive, complex. We also understand that this is not a shopping center, not offices, not housing. We are aware that payback over 10 years.”

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