Park “Sunny island”

In the fabulous amusement Park “Sunny island” is set more than a dozen modern attractions for kids and adults! Roundabouts, swings, ride the racetrack, inflatable trampolines, flying elephants, train Safari and Bouncing jeeps are waiting for adults and children for a fun family vacation.

Amusement Park “Sunny Island” invites its guests to visit Ice-cream shops, where you can breath and eat delicious ice cream or drink cold drinks.

Amusement Park “Sunny island” is an amazing place where children can feel like in a fairy tale. It is located in the beautiful Sunny town of Anapa. A wide variety of kiddie rides – carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, trampoline and many other

Children’s amusement Park, entertainment and family rest “Sunny Island” Anapa

Unfortunately, in the winter season the Park is not working.

We are now preparing for the new season, setting new rides and make the reconstruction of the Park of entertainment and rest “Sunny Island”, to children, adolescents and adults was fun and comfortable with us! On the date of the official opening, we will notify separately in our newsletter.

In this year of 2016, we will be glad to see guests and residents of the city of Anapa, our guest, to give children and adults the fun and laughter!

Last year 25 of may took place the official Otkrytaya season in the children’s Park of attractions, entertainment and family rest “Sunny Island”.

The Park has the most modern and safe amusement rides, which can take not only kids, but teenagers and their parents.

“Sunny island” on Pioneer Avenue will delight the residents and guests of the resort of Anapa (the area Dzhemete) the entire summer season.

Attraction “Crazy Dance” is one of the most popular rides in the parks! Here it is most often builds up a long queue wanting to go. Visitors sit in a row, secured by safety belts and circular motion of the bench moves up/down. Feeling just unforgettable!

Manage a can anyone safe these cars can not be afraid of collisions.

It’s a trampoline! Jumping into the stratosphere and coming back on the spring-loaded straps.

The entrance to the Park “Sunny island”

Entrance to the amusement Park “Sunny island” .

Family attraction in the form of green and a large caterpillar, who smiles at everyone wishing to ride on it.

Features of our amusement Park “Sunny Island” cozy family-run cafe where I can relax and eat lunch. The cafe staff does its work conscientiously and with love applies to both small and adult guests.

A submarine, a motorcycle, a bulldozer, a Cinderella coach and horse, Geronimo start to move to rhythmic music and colorful glow. Each rocking chair is equipped with an interactive game. Your child will love it.

The carpet, and the heroes of the cartoon Aladdin will help your child to feel like in a fairy tale. A ride with the breeze in the company of the Genie and Aladdin, Your little one will love it! Our attraction to what we need and safe and fun, and the speed suitable for the younger guests.

Children and adults will be delighted by the wheels of the overview,which offers a unique view of the sea. Even adults can feel like kids again and return to the carefree childhood.

For thrill-seekers will open its doors the “room of fear”. The attraction is a maze, and around every corner You are waiting for new sensations. The room filled with smoke and the revived monsters await you at every step…….

Young wizards will be able to go on a magic journey on a flying elephant that will lift you to the clouds and breathtaking views of the Park!

In the cinema-attraction 7D you can watch movies in 3D with extra effects (wind in the hall, splashes, motion chairs, etc.). The films shown in the cinema, filmed specifically for the 5D in the genre of science fiction, mysticism, adventure, etc

A distinctive feature of our Park is the unique atmosphere that prevails on its territory. The design of the theme creates a sense of the fairy tale, decorative plantings give the feeling of cleanliness and comfort, and the comfort and safety of stay in the Park will provide friendly and courteous operators.

Our train waiting for its passengers to show them the wonderful world of the jungle and meet their inhabitants.

Little motorists will experience a storm of positive emotions on these Bouncing jeep.

The carousel is an exciting adventure on horseback, carrying off children to fairyland, embodying the dreams of each child. The attraction “carousel Wedding” decorate and attract attention not only children and adults but also the wedding procession. (One half of figures swinging, the second half rises in a vertical plane).

The whirligig is one of the favorite attractions for children and adults at all times. The highlight is that the carousel still tilts, changing the plane of rotation. Fantastic illuminations and fascinating feeling of flight are the main distinguishing features of this carousel.

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