Port Aventura.

Holiday in Spain at the end of September. Barcelona, Salou, Port Aventura.

I would like to share with putushestvennikam useful information obtained during a private holiday in Spain in September 2010 =)

Useful acquisition: On arrival into place at once buy the sim card LlamaYa (calls in Russia is 0.1 cents, at the sale require the passport, a copy attached to the contract. store the card makes no sense, its validity is a month.), as well as travel on public buses BonaBus (the first time need to pay 11 Euro, next, updated 9 euros for 10 trips, map multipersonality, it is possible to use one at all). All these pleasures are implementing in tobacco shops.

Tours: Catalan transport company “Plana” is implementing a large number of travelers through numerous red kiosks located in the city of Salou. Cost 3 times less than, for example, the tour operator Pegas (Review Barcelona: Plana – € 24, – Pegas- 73 Euro). Also these tickets can be used as a transfer, they are cheaper public transport (for example, “Barcelona-shopping,” bring, give free time, transported back). The buses are comfortable, with a large demand in every language is typed in the bus and the guide, so do not have to listen to the same information in multiple languages. You can also use the services of a private guide. Cost per chelovekami more than a tour operator. Convenient for companies of 3-4 people.

Port Aventura: In September there is a General decline in tourist season, so visitors becomes much less. The entrance to any theme practical free. Maximum waiting time – 30 minutes, but most often you get 3-4 time, and sometimes it is possible to ride twice. It is a pity that many of the shows are already almost do not go. The weather is changeable, so it would be nice to bring clothes with long sleeves and a rain cover which is also useful for water slides. Also during this period tickets can be purchased for 44 euros for two days (adult) in the same tents Plana.

Weather: Not the best time for a beach holiday. Or maybe it’s just we were not lucky =) the Weather is very changeable, can be nasamo or even rainy. On Sunny days, the sea is warm, but the wind is already chilly. Overall not very comfortable, it is better to choose the time for educational trips.

Barcelona: Beauty extraordinary! Each for himself will find many interesting things on the Internet about the places that should definitely visit =) For this holiday weather it has!

Communication: a Surprisingly large number of attendants is not bad understands and speaks Russian, yet very useful foreign languages to those who took the trouble to teach them. Almost all know English, so that problems will not arise, knowing Spanish is enjoyable to mingle with the local population. They are all very good-natured mood and with pleasure will help You. To understand people, I think, not be open to the fact that a dialect of Catalan (Barcelona area) is very different from Castilian (Madrid and the Central region), but nevertheless all understand it well enough.

All for whom this information was useful, thank you for your attention and have a nice stay!

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