Rope Park

Attention! During the weekend of Michur Inn hotel offers a free Shuttle service in the leisure Park “Breeders” .

If a quiet holiday – not for You, if the soul needs adventure and new emotions – try yourself as a climber! To do it safely and have fun in the rope Park in the “Breeders” on the complex specially built platforms, bridges and other attractions, located at a height, between trees.

Park in the “Breeders” were created according to European standards . Consultation on the draft was undertaken by a French company, and the installation was done by Latvian experts who created the famous Park Mezakakis (Forest cat) in Sigulda. Every visitor of the Park can choose the route depending on the physical training and individual needs in level of adrenaline. You unprepared climber – then You are on the green route, where you can leisurely learn the basics of passing high-altitude obstacles. But experienced climbers and inveterate thrill-seekers can test themselves on the black route.

Green route (average height 3 metres): suitable for beginners, inexperienced climbers and children with growth from 130 cm . Here you can organize a family vacation and memorable children’s party.

Blue route (average height of 5 meters) requires no special skills, enough shining eyes and enthusiasm. On this route most known to be merry and bright theme: no one can resist the temptation to ride a bike mounted on top. For passing of this route Your height should be at least 140 cm .

Red route (the height of 7-10 metres): it is not necessary to get started in the rope Park on this track. This route is aimed at adults ( 150 cm ), know firsthand about fitness and sports. The passage of such obstacles requires considerable physical effort.

Black trail (maximum height 25 meters): the most extreme trail in our Park. If the other tracks seem to be too simple, then definitely try your hand here. The only limitation is Your height should be minimum 150 cm .

More than sixty different obstacles rope Park can be a great venue for corporate events and personal celebrations of school prom or health Day to team building with quest items script.


Persons under 18 years are permitted to use the Park only with the permission of the adults who take responsibility for them.

It is forbidden to begin passage of lines, not after training and exercise .

During courses, restrictions for height and weight .

If You see any defects in the equipment Park, immediately inform the staff.

During courses, it is forbidden to smoke, to drink alcoholic beverages.

Park staff may remove from the Park visitors who do not observe safety regulations and pass routes.

The Park staff has the right to interrupt the operation of the Park in adverse weather conditions (strong wind, storm, etc.).

At the end time of the subscription, the customer must deliver the equipment. To leave the territory of ropes Park equipment is prohibited .

It is forbidden to climb the career ropes and build fires in the Park.


Make sure You fastened a carabiner or pulley to the insurance before the passage of each stage.

During the passage of the route, You should always be attached to safety tethers, marked in yellow . at least one carabiner. At separate stages the carbines should not be fastened to the rope, and geared rings of security . also marked in yellow.

Carbines need to perestayut at a time .

If the cable is marked in red . it is suitable for the Congress: install the clip one carabiner attach belt strapping, and the second clip in the video.

When descending do not touch the cable, which is Congress. If the Congress is a chain – grab on to it.

Do not start the Congress on the roller until the previous party has not left the finish area of the Congress.

On the platforms between stages, may be no more than two people . Wait for space on the platform is free, and only then, begin to move around the stage.

To move one stage at a time only one person .

The passage of lines is not allowed:

People with backpacks and bags;

People who are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

The people below growth prescribed each stage of the route;

People with heart, lung or vascular disease;

Pregnant women.

Uniforms and shoes:

Comfortable clothing, closed shoes (running shoes, sneakers, boots).

Not recommended for pants and shorts above the knees, sleeveless t-shirt.

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