Siam Park (Siam Park) Tenerife

The water Park Siam Park (Siam Park) that on the island of Tenerife, is one of the youngest and most spectacular sights in the Canary Islands. Commissioned six years ago (in 2008), he became the champion of Europe – no other city in the Old world there are no similar institutions that can match him size. The total area of Siam Park – more than 180 square kilometers!

To match the size and entertainment of a water Park. A huge number of water slides, among which there are and family, where the speed achieved is not too high and extreme, a ride which dares not every visitor. Also at Siam Park and enough entertainment of a different nature – club, laser show, big beach. Tell about the most remarkable items Siam Park in more detail.

The volcano

One of the highlights of the show that it is possible to visit on Tenerife is the Volcano (The Volcano). This large-scale laser show, the essence of which is clear from the name – visitors can see how the eruption of the fiery mountain. Navigate to Siam Park, they have comfortable boats, and the journey is calm, guests carried on the swirling water.

Lazy river

If extreme entertainment visitors are satiated, then it is a direct road to Lazy river (Thai – Mai Thai). It priklucheniya like a trip to the aquarium, only better. Siam Park guests sit in boats which entails over and above them and on the sides discover startling beauty of the landscape. There will be waterfalls, and beaches, and representatives of tropical flora and fauna.

Lost City

Siam Park in Tenerife offers and attraction for the youngest guests. This is the Lost City, a labyrinth of passages and paths, designed in traditional Thai style. Children will be able to ride on the small roller coaster, and take part in the game “treasure hunt”, and be smart, solving mysterious puzzles. Lost City is located in the heart of Siam Park.

The best roller coaster in Siam Park

But the most important thing in this wonderful place Tenerife – of course, water slides. There are a total of 25 pieces, and frolic in them all year round – here artificially maintained the water temperature at 25 degrees. The most “dangerous” slide in Siam Park Kamikaze . From its summit it is terrible to look at, to roll down, because its height is 30 meters. But the thrill of the descent will not leave for a long time. The fastest slide in Siam Park Jungle Snake . It consists of four different slopes, each of which fanciful scrolls, outlines reminding the Thai Cobra. The speed gain here is dizzying. Naga Racer – a not so quick slide of the water Park, but roomy for the whole family. Visitors to Siam Park wishing to try out the attraction, is issued a special Mat that need to go. Naked consists of six tracks, so the whole family can slide down side by side at the same time. From Siam Park (Siam Park), the main attractions of Tenerife, there is no lack of visitors. Despite the variety of leisure activities, the ticket price is quite democratic – 32 euros for adults and 21 € for children (until 11 years).

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