“Six flags over Georgia”

The amusement Park “Six flags over Georgia” (Atlanta, USA)

In Atlanta, an area of 120 hectares, is a Park of entertainment network “ Six Flags Entertainment ”. It was built in 1967 and since then impresses visitors of all ages great rides, giving the opportunity to get maximum fun and adrenaline. Its name to the Park owes its history. After all, once above ground, where it is located, developed six flags of Georgia, the Confederacy, the United States, Britain, France and Spain.

Park “Six flags over Georgia” in the first place famous for the fact that it is possible to try out the world’s first slide with three loops and the first attraction with a freely falling chairs. The most popular rides today are considered “Daredevil” and “Goliath”. If you love thrills and are not afraid of vertical descent with almost a hundred-meter height, don’t pass it by! Lovers of the classics can choose the carousel (of which there are many) and the Ferris wheel. By the way, you should definitely ride the “ Riverview Carousel ” with five ranks, listed in the national register of historic places: such in the States only two. And the most courageous will open the way to the famous “house of Monsters”.

Of course, the Park boasts roller coaster.Them here as many as fourteen species and they are classified according to the degree of fear: some unable to see, even timid preschoolers, while others scream from the horror of grown men!

Small visitors of the Park “Six flags over Georgia” as a rule, overjoyed by its thematic zones. One of them, for example, devoted to Batman.

The queue of people waiting to get their portion of joy are rather big, but the property entertainment center can not be blamed for the poor organization. Before the rides even posted special signs giving visitors information about how much time they will spend in the queue.

Then you can’t miss the most exciting of them! You can go the other way: go with a guide ring railway Park, examining all the rides. So you will be able to more clearly evaluate them and understand which is most like you and your children. However, in no case should not neglect the safety rules, paying attention to the restrictions for each attraction. Only in this way your visit has a chance to be remembered for a long time only positive emotions.

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