Talocan extreme attraction

Talocan extreme attraction in the amusement Park Phantasialand, Germany

There is a lot of interesting theme parks that give its visitors the opportunity to get a sea of unforgettable sensations. Some of the proposed parks produce so tremendous an impression that the glory of them spreads throughout the world. One of such impressive entertainment is the attraction Talocan (Talocan), which is located in the theme Park Phantasialand theme in the German town of brühl.

The small town of brühl in Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. To visit here is located the famous amusement Park Phantasialand, tourists come from around the world. The Park is divided into six themed zones, offering exciting amusement rides that will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults.

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Special recognition and popularity, theme Park brought impressive in its grandeur attraction Talocan. This is one of the most exciting and adrenaline rides in the world, which will surely appeal to all lovers of thrills.

The attraction Talocan were created in the Aztec theme and represent the ruins of an ancient temple. In this thematic area the Phantasialand theme Park you can see picturesque buildings and structures mysterious civilization of the Indians of Central Mexico.

While riding on Talokan you are waiting for a serious test. Giant carousel rises to a height of 18 meters, making sharp jerks and flips. Add thrill smokescreen, spraying water “geysers” and escaping from “volcanoes” huge pillars of flame. The spectacle is so vivid that attraction are going to not only a large number of people wishing to ride, but also the crowds who want to witness this breathtaking event.

If you decide to test themselves on the strength of the attraction Talocan, be sure to do this on an empty stomach. And don’t forget to pull all the contents out of their pockets. In Talokan, one of the adrenaline attractions in the world, you will experience a breathtaking journey into the mysterious world of the ancient Aztecs!)

Watch the video attraction Talocan, which was shot by the visitors of the German theme Park Phantasialand.

Even more dangerous adrenaline rides, the Bay of Crocosaurus offers Australian Park of the same name.

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