The best amusement parks in the world

American Disneyland

And opens it to Us-Disneyland located in Orlando. The Park occupies an area of eleven thousand hectares of land and consists of the cities of the future TomorrowLand, as well as marine parks, shows, which delight not only children but also adults.

Japanese Disneyland

Japanese Disneyland in Tokyo, called disni-Rando and is considered one of the most interesting attractions of the city. This is a very popular place, the hallmark of which is the high level of service and discounted tickets to the elderly.


Moominworld, the theme Park and attractions finds in Finland. The main characters, which is a family Moomin Troll. On the territory there are cafes and restaurants where you can eat, Botanical gardens, a working email which you can send home a postcard and souvenir shops.

Disneyland Paris

Another famous Disneyland, is Disneyland Paris, which occupies a very large area and representing the whole city. Here you can see a network of hotels, theme parks, a huge field for Golf lovers, the lake, camping, ice skating rink, and a village consisting of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.


Spain lags behind its European neighbour and pleases tourists with its amusement Park called Port Aventura. The Park is located an hour away from the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. It is worth noting that this is the only European theme Park, where you will be able to be in the jungle or to visit the Wild West. Meet the Mayan culture and see Ancient China.

Park Asterix

France, rich not only for its Disneyland Paris, Park Asterix, where you can spend your time very fun and exciting, visiting the ancient Greek village of the Gauls. Also here is some of the highest slides in Europe and a wonderful Dolphinarium.


Futuroscope is a large French Park located in Poitiers. To rate this place on the right can fans of virtual entertainment and cinema. The principle of all the rides based on visualization, to achieve which was helped by the latest technology. Lots of screens, projectors, unreal cubes, spheres, products made of glass, quite in harmony with flowers, trees, water.


Gardaland, theme Park in Italy, attracting visitors with rides highest technological level. It should be noted that every year the Park is pleased with the new programs and spectacular events.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, differs from its brothers from France and the United States, the desire to show what is Feng Shui, in particular all the rides are located strictly in this direction.

Tropical Islands Resort

Not so long ago, Berlin was the opening of the water Park Tropical Islands Resort, the largest in the world. Unique was artificially recreated tropical rain forest, which makes the Park an unforgettable experience.

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