The best AMUSEMENT PARKS in the world

The place for compromise in the journey, adults and children amusement Park. This is where there is a lot of fun for children and plenty of thrills for parents.

Walk through the unforgettable places!

Disneyland, USA

The American amusement Park known to generations of children. And today he is the undisputed leader in popularity worldwide. Disneyland’s even hard to call a Park is a magical city, which includes themed areas with astounding attractions, hotels, Golf courses and many restaurants.

Europa-Park, Germany

The famous amusement Park, divided into zones in different European countries, each of which shows off its best sights. Local attractions recognized as the best in Europe. Here you can omit the heart in the heel on the longest and fastest slide in the world.

Disneyland, France

In the suburbs of Paris erected the second of the legendary Disneyland, which, like us, can hardly be called a Park. Another fabulous city of the company “Walt Disney.” Everything is here: school of football for children, tennis courts, residential quarters, hotels, Golf clubs, theme parks. Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Asterix, France

This Park rides is a kind of response to the Paris Disneyland.Built based on the comic “Asterix and Obelisk”, it attracts a variety of water rides.

Legoland, Denmark

The first and largest Legoland in the world. Park with entertainment is close with the original factory “LEGO” and daily visited by many tourists. Legoland is made out of blocks: LEGO city, people, cars, and even Safari. The Park will help both adults and children to plunge into the LEGO world and also to enjoy the various attractions.

Liseberg, Sweden

In the Swedish amusement Park is the world’s highest tower free fall. About 40 rides, numerous restaurants, concert venue will not let you get bored. Especially like this place for tourists and citizens during the Christmas holidays, as there is a Grand festive fair.

“Ferrari world”, United Arab Emirates

It’s easy to guess what this indoor theme Park. Amazing Arabic project has immediately become popular and famous. Trendy high-speed rides and simulators sports cars for a long time will impress lovers of spice.

Lotte World, South Korea

Entertainment in the Park brave enough: oazlichnyh rides in a giant loop, a fall from a 70 meter height, swing, swinging at an angle more than 75 degrees or the effect of a real tornado. The Park is divided into indoor and closed areas. There is entertainment for every taste.

Dizone-Rando, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney Park outside America. Divided into 7 themed zones, the Park mainly attracts adult visitors, unlike their counterparts on other continents.

Moomin world, Finland

Thematic children’s Paradise. Live mummies-trolls, maze, theatrical performances, and recipes from Moomin mom will leave the most vivid emotions in children and adults.

If you are bored with monotonous trips, dilute your experience in one of the theme parks in advance having established his theme and picking the appropriate you.

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