The Magic Kingdom Of Disney. FL

Disney Magic Kingdom is the most visited amusement Park in the world, ezezaguna it is visited by about 17 million people. Well, go to Florida and not visit Disney Park it would be weird – so we went to ride the rides. His impression of the Park I described it, but that was all in one place will quote him again here:

Pastime it was as follows – hours of standing in line, 10 minutes on the ride, then again turn for an hour. To buy water the queue for 20 minutes for a meal in a cafe on 40, as will have to eat standing, because no tables, but if hot dogs and potatoes are not satisfied and want of proper food, that it was necessary to reserve a seat in advance for a few days. Some tips on how to speed up the process: 1. better buy tickets in advance or at the entrance to the machine terminals (it takes 10 minutes instead of 50 in the checkout line) 2. There is such a thing as fastpass, an analog record at a specific time on a specific attraction. Get them through a special FastPass kiosks in the entrance ticket. The kiosk issues a voucher to the specified time interval during which the particular attraction can go without waiting in line. One FastPass issued every few hours for each attraction your FastPass kiosk (it’s a quest, yeah :)). This system zdoroveuchenye time and with the help of fastpasses we have an hour ride on three rides. 3.The application of the Park . There in real-time shows the waiting time in the queue for the attraction. We just tried to go where the queue is less likely. Minimum time in queue is 20 minutes, average 40.

1. The way Disney has its own transportation company that owns the monorail, plenty of buses and boat ferries.

6. The Park was opened in 1971, but the rides are constantly being updated and new. Here is one of the new – house Beauty Bell First mirror as he parakalo, but then by magic it turns into the aisle with a fairy-tale castle

7. In the castle role-performance with the participation of the audience, a speaker Cabinet and a candlestick

9. Parade. Such parades are held in the Park every few hours so it is quite difficult to miss

13. And that’s all. It begins on the street and it’s right by the snake stretches to the right side of the picture where going to Board the boat

22. Children’s Playground with water cannons. In the afternoon, in hot weather, it must be very cool

23. But the coolest shows to happen before Park closing. Electric-light parade. Unfortunately, we are a little delayed and are unable to take the comfy seats and children had to hold on shoulders

24. Light show – very beautiful and high quality. Castle like preobrazhaetsya rebuilt. It’s really very cool, and it is worth to wait for the evening.

26. The day is over. All go to the exit. To stand for 40 minutes in the queue for the monorail, and then to find your car in giant Parking lot

Well, that’s all. As a summary I can say that the children were delighted, and happy to remember how they went to fairy land and there was a Princess and a witch, but my husband does not occur more desire to push and stand in line, although the rides themselves are very high quality and beautiful.

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