The most famous US national parks

The whole family go on a journey through the most fascinating natural attractions of America.

National parks are the pride of the United States. However, these amazing corners of nature – the heritage of all mankind, it is no accident that many of them are listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

The Grand Canyon is the most famous United States national Park and the Grand canyon in the world. Its stunning scenery is so popular that sometimes the administration is forced to impose restrictions for tourists. It is a unique place located in the gorge of the Colorado river seems to be a landscape of some distant, unknown planet: a chaotic cluster of red-brown rocks, their intricate lines drawn by the artist of surrealist, dark and powerful Colorado water rolling along the bottom of the whole boulders. It’s worth seeing.

Mountain ranges with dramatically cascading waterfalls, magnificent pine forests, lakes, rivers, and rare animals – as in two words can describe this huge national Park. Here is a dormant SUPERVOLCANO Caldera, through which a large part of the Park is covered with solidified lava. From all over the world tourists come here to see the mammoth gracieacademy and geysers, which number measured in thousands.

Sources rich in various chemical compounds still form deposits of various shapes and colors repeat the palette of the rainbow. No wonder that the place in the local hotels and campsites booked months ahead.

Death Valley, California

It’s a tough place – the hottest throughout North America. Here you can find Ghost towns, abandoned since the Gold Rush. And barren clay hills (the Badlands) together with sand dunes and snow-capped mountain peaks rising above the background make a strong impression. Especially fantastic on the background of harsh nature looks like “Scotty’s Castle” – a local landmark, built in the XX century, among a random lush green groves.

Mount Rainer, Washington

Tall Mountain Rainer in combination is also a stratovolcano. It rises sharply above the surrounding areas and is a wonderful natural viewpoint. Every year millions of people climb up on cars to admire the fantastic scenery. Mountain peaks and waterfalls, subalpine meadows and old-growth forests and enchanting glaciers, diving in the river valleys, with steep banks and a blinding blue sky – all at a glance. In short, miracles are real.

First and foremost, this Park is known as the home of the great General Sherman. And this is nothing like the largest tree on Earth. Imagine all it has seen in his lifetime? Of course, in this forest in addition to the honourable General living and other old-timers, Sequoia, considered the largest trees in the world by volume of wood. That’s what it means – to grasp the immensity… Is that inspired by look.

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