The most thrilling rides in the world.

In the Park Aquas Quentes Country Club in Rio De Janeiro is the world’s tallest water slide . Its height of 50 meters, the angle of inclination of 60 degrees, and the maximum descent speed reaches 100 km/h.

Prater Turm, Austria . Vienna is the world’s highest chained carousel with a height of 117 meters.

Singapore Flyer, Singapore . It is the world’s largest Ferris wheel is 165 meters. For comparison, the famous Ferris wheel London eye has a height of 135 meters.

“Catapult” amusement Park “Divo Ostrov”, St. Petersburg. The ride height of 54 meters, which are three huge columns, which are attached to metal cables. In tension of the cables one of the capsules rapidly flies upwards and then falls down up to a full stop. It is noteworthy that during the flight the capsule flips around its axis.

An unusual attraction called the CN Tower Edge Walk invites us to walk along the edge of the platform, located at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto at an altitude of 356 metres. Railing is not present here.

But there is a safety system that won’t let you fall down under any circumstances. Even if you do go!

Perhaps we should start from the “Stratosphere Las Vegas” . The height of the tower this casino hotel is 350 meters. Rides located at the top of the Stratosphere,obviously are the first in the world.

Feel like a rocket ride on the Big Shot . At first, he quickly raises to a height of 329 meters, this despite the fact that the attraction is at the height of the hundredth floor, with a speed of 70 km/h. This is a huge acceleration – 4g. For a while you can feel the weightlessness, because this strength just rips off the seat. And then this Big Shot will fly sharply down, dropping your shoes and feeling the breeze.

Carousel Insanity is the highest on the planet, it will have to spin at an altitude of 300 meters above the ground and 20 metres from the edge of the tower at an angle of 70 degrees, which means that your face will look down. An incredible feeling you can get on the open seats of the attraction from the wild speed. Better not to eat anything before the trip!

And trailer X Scream – this is the highest swing in the world. He quickly accelerates from the edge of the roof of the tower. And you find yourself over a 350-metre abyss. The rails are angled 30 degrees to the base. The nose of the car beyond the rail strip in which he dramatically rolls down, and there is a feeling that you are hanging in the air.

Kingda Ka can be called the most steep roller coaster. The height of this attraction is 139 meters. Trolley 3.5 seconds to accelerate to 205 km/h. Perhaps this is the attraction for the most crazy.

And the most twisted roller coaster is considered a Colossus in England . 10 times can roll up a head on the track, having a length of 850 metres and a maximum height of 60 metres.

The attraction, built in Japan and having a height approximately 14-storey building, impresses with its performance and technical characteristics. Length, White Cyclone is 1.7 km and the maximum speed on this ride can be over 100 km/h.

The “killer” ride in the world is Son of beast in Ohio . “Son of beast” has a loop, incredible acceleration and a strong jolt. Five years ago it was the only wooden hill with a dead loop. The ride height of 66 meters, the length of 2143 meters, it can reach speeds of 125 km/h.

Steel Dragon is a rollercoaster ride to date, the longest among the similar (2479 meters), have a height of 30-storey building. “Steel dragon” you can ride with speeds up to 150 km/h along the crest of the dragon.

Dodonpa is 100 km from Tokyo ( as much important to attract tourists). Its construction took about $ 25 million. Free fall on this ride increased four times. The train accelerates to 172 km/h in 2 seconds. People rolled on it, saying that they were a-taking off from the gun. Time 55 seconds on this road seems eternal.

The fastest (in some points the speed is more 100 km/h) and the largest roller coaster in Europe Silver Star have a maximum height of 73 meters and a length of 1.5 kilometers.

Tower of terror II is located in Australia . To a height of 115 metres passengers on the trolley off, and after a slowdown at the top, break down in less than 7 seconds. Some lose the power of speech from the received thrills.

Intimidator 305 is breathtaking because in the end of the road the trolley, it seems, will fall. This is one of the most modern American rides, it’s not even two years.

The largest angle of descent is an attraction, built in Fujieda in Japan, Takabisha . Angle of 121 degrees will make nervous even the real adventurers. The feeling of weightlessness occurs when the trolley is in the middle of the road when falling from a 43-meter sprints for just one moment to 100 km/h.

Again built in Japan ride Thunder Dolphin amazing unique structure. The train falls from 65 metres with a slope of 80 degrees, the heart beats more often when you have to pass through two holes of the building.

Recall now the Formula-1. The fastest roller coaster, where the trolley accelerates up to 240 km/h is the Formula Rossa . built in the UAE . The ride will prepare a lot of UPS and downs. He in fact is virtually a model of the race track Monza.

The unusual design of the chairs when visitors think that they hang in the air, presented at the attraction in Spain is Furius Baco . At the end of the track sweeping a few inches above the water, the public does not stop the feeling of imminent death.

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