The scariest rides in the world

Most of us are in awe of the speed of a roller coaster and fearlessly sit in the booth of the Ferris wheel. Fear and re-acquaintance with Breakfast are an integral part of the thrill. But some rides still crossed the line from a frighteningly fun effect to a terrible nightmare. What are you talking about? For example, on trains, in which fear turns into psychological terror. And to recover from haunting horror only after several weeks of relentless conversations with experts or draining once all stocks Martini. Someone that will help.

So you have the scariest rides in the world. The journey may cost you your life. But, fortunately, to test them you are unlikely to have. Because you did the traveler Stefan Zwanzger. Actually, now he will tell you about their experiences.

1. Rusty slides Pyongyang (North Korea)

Life in totalitarian North Korea was not sweet even without the appearance of these wonderful slides. Most interesting is that creaking attraction is an attempt of the authorities to entertain his citizens, to make them happy, to make their life a modicum of happiness. And appeared in a gray and surly Pyongyang rusty slides.

Stefan went to test a landmark in Kaeson Park. Here’s what happened: “When you visit North Korea you will not be able chuvstvuetsia in complete safety. Calm envy here. The web on the roller coaster that was built a few decades ago, it’s not a good sign. What emotional response will follow after skiing on them? Of course, a wild fear.”

2. Ruthless the house of horror in Baku (Azerbaijan)

Ghost train (adventure horror) almost never get bad reviews, so it was very interesting to hear about the Azerbaijani attraction, which scared all the passengers. The Caspian waterfront in Baku, Zwanzger experienced real pain and disappointment.

“Imagine that you are the one in the Ghost train, the darkness around, and suddenly falls on you sticky curtain. He is so much attached to your face that it becomes difficult to get out. Meanwhile, the train does not stop and follows along its route. You get scared is not a joke. And I am no exception, because all this horror I have experienced”, says Stefan.

3. Guaranteed neck pain in Tehran (Iran)

In the Park Eram is a fast, freely playing with physics, and with passengers, the ride Coaster. You won’t believe when you learn that people could easily see his back. And the mirror got nothing to do with. Your neck will bend so that you risk to remain without a head.

“When I looked at the slides the first time, I immediately thought it was going to hurt. But such a pain in the neck, passing two or three hours, I certainly could not expect. The roller coaster make one of the most narrow loopings known to mankind”.

4. Ferris wheel or wheel of misfortune (Nepal)

Want to know how it works, a harmless amusement Park ride Kathmandu? In a normal Ferris wheel dreamy lured couples and happy families with children, and then the worker quickly spins this fiend. If you are not afraid of speed and Ferris wheels, but now will.

“You hear screams. And, quite unusual for such a ride. They are similar to the pleas for help,” recalls traveler Zwanzger.

5. Hovering devil in Qingdao (China)

Probably everyone in childhood ride on the carousel with hanging seats in the form of airplanes, swans or cars. They usually go up several meters from the ground and start circling passengers. It would seem that nothing more harmless and impossible to think.

But in the Chinese coastal town of Qingdao in the new theme Park, Fantawild these same carousel soar to incredible heights. “In the air, the chains began to creak and make weird noises. My seat with a jerk and turned around its axis. It was creepy. Of course, maybe my fear was just psychological, but I would prefer to fly on a plane to 1970, than again to return to the attraction,” says Stefan.

6. Secret weapon Disney (worldwide)

A trip into the world of cartoon characters created by disney, is the most desired gift for a child. Friendly characters, fun music, exciting rides, themed cafes and shops, so this is nice. True Zwanzger argues that Disneyland’s “small world” located in the United States, France, Japan and Hong Kong, has untapped potential psychological weapon.

“Once to go to visit Mickey mouse is fun, but try to visit this place in the sixth or seventh time and it will be one of the worst places on Earth,” says Stefan.

7. Cannonball loop (USA, closed).

The Cannonball loop – a giant waterslide with a loop in the end, the engineers coined the water Park Action Park in new Jersey in 1985. After a series of accidents, until the cracks in the skull, the attraction was closed. And in 1996, when the Park was transferred to the new owner, be dismantled.

“I’ve been to almost 300 theme parks and water parks, but it’s fun, definitely the worst I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that the hill was built in the United States, in a country where you get taken to court for any reason,” says Stefan Zwanzger.

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