Theme parks of Singapore

I spread the unpublished posts from different trips. Let’s start with the attractions in Singapore, where we spent a few days after new year’s cruise. So, the famous Park universal, aquarium and fountain show on Sentosa island.

Park universal’s main rival Disneyland. It is divided into thematic zones, and each attraction is associated with popular films:

There is almost no roller-stake – American racing – but the mass of the dark riders: light trains, which travel past the mechanical heroes of movies and cartoons:

And, of course, all sorts of classic amusements like carousels. The perfect place for a family holiday:

All heroes Park is so popular that have become international:

On “the Mummy” we did not go, because small failed growth. But I was on the same ride in Los Angeles. In General, it is believed that the universal is more adult Park than Disneyland:

And it’s just a tourist, though no less amused “Madagascar” – how long tried to change the camera settings to display the image in the viewfinder:

Transformers is one of the most thrilling rides that I ever rode. The reason you should go to Singapore. You eat in the dark on the truck, and the move rides a huge 3D screen and you have created a feeling of reality that you are in a transformers movie and these huge giants are hunting you. When the track turns a new screen appears. At some point, our car flew off the roof of a skyscraper and we flew down. The feeling was sooooo real. I realized that experiencing cheloeka, falling in the car from the roof. The feeling, to put it mildly, not very pleasant:

Outside of the attraction is Bamblbi – favorite minor character in the Transformers:

They are in the area of the psi Phi, named after the eponymous sci-Fi channel universal sells technological SAI FAI ice-cream:

“The lost world”. Half the zone dedicated to the Jurassic period and recreates the story of the same movie:

The second half is made based on the “Water world”. There are no dark riders, and all events are unfolding before the audience in the stands:

Our eyes played a whole story of kidnapping, car chases, explosions – in short, all the trappings of a Hollywood blockbuster:

During the show at the pool, went jet skiing, flying aircraft is accompanied by splashes and streams of water, so in the first place, it is better not to sit down:

An interesting attraction, it demonstrates the unreality of all television pictures: five minutes of ordinary and unremarkable garage suddenly started crashing, burning and exploding:

And at the end of it all crashed the ship. Then everything is automatically gathered, and the garage returned to its original form, ready to survive another end of the world. And so every fifteen minutes:

As well as old cars and cinematic rarities:

Then we went to the Dolphinarium Sentosa:

Children liked him too, however, the impression is a bit blurry rain:

The show is interactive, viewers are invited on stage to leave hoops on seals:

It is unclear how pinnipeds manage to maintain balance in the upright position:

You can touch the dolphins:

On Sentosa island there is the aquarium:

The first time I saw this underwater corridor 9 years ago and to me it made a big impression. Now, of course, it’s no surprise – like aquariums are in many places:

The hologram shark. You can go through it:

A glass bubble through which is interesting to look at the inhabitants of the seabed:

Symbol Of Singapore – MERLION. The lion symbolizes strength, and the fish tail alludes to the connection with the sea. In nature Merlioni found in two places: one is on the waterfront in Singapore, the other thirty-odd meters tall – Sentosa:

This famous fountain show. The day the picture looks rather dull:

But by nightfall, the landscape comes to life: begin to beat the fountains and streams of water projected the image:

Water light up so that at times she looks like molten lava:

But the fire and pyrotechnics – real:

A few shots to understand the scale of beauty:

And at the end of the good news: in Moscow plan to open the Park universal in 2018. This will be the cheapest of all the parks Studio in the world (4), as by ticket, and scale construction. In addition, it is reported. in the Park is the area with the Russian fairy-tale characters. In connection with this question: who would you like to see in this area? Anyway – how would you like the dark rider with Cheburashka or a Bun?

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