TOP 10 extreme rides in the world

Probably every person likes and wants to travel.

There are many different ways to make your trip unforgettable, and, of course, one of them is theme parks. Big cities can offer You carousel to suit all tastes – kids and adults, scary and funny, peaceful and breathtaking!

And, of course, if You dare to drive in some dangerous attraction, and probably this fear, this adrenaline that was raging in the blood, You will not soon forget. So I give you the top 10 most dangerous and scariest rides around the world. And if You’re a fan of extreme sports, we strongly recommend to try each.

And 10 attraction

“Huge canyon”.

It is located in America, in the state of Colorado. It is unique in location, and exactly what is “Canyon” literally on the edge of the cliff with a height of four meters. Only four people can simultaneously go on a short trip for the adrenalin. Swing swing able with the speed equal to eighty kilometers per hour, and the skating lasts only one minute. It is interesting that before to meet with the abyss, every brave man is obliged to sign a document which States about the consequences resulting from the love to the extreme.

9 place of zanimaetsya quick “American”

“Formula Rossa”

These trolley accelerates to 240 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds, not every sports car has these characteristics! Form roller coaster repeats the famous race track of Monza. The speed on this ride is so high that all who wish to ride give special points for this.

8 place, with breathtaking


This Japanese attraction has gained international fame thanks to his angle of descent, which is 120 degrees and is the largest. Because of its availability, people are increasingly feeling of utter weightlessness. The height of the peak top of the ride is forty three meters.

7 position is extreme

“Zip World at Quarry”

British skydiver managed to invent and bring to life an incredible attraction, the essence of which is that people at the speed of 160 kilometers per hour passes over the mountains. Daredevil glides on the rope with a length of over 1.5 kilometers and at an altitude of several hundred meters. Anyone who wish for such entertainment, will be able to admire wonderful landscapes.

6th place belongs to the “Madness” –


Yes, the translation of the name of this attraction sounds like it. And to go in Brazil, Fortaleza. Your eyes will see the highest water slide in the world. Its height is forty one meter and the speed of Your fall may well reach one hundred and five kilometers! This attraction is on the right in the Guinness Book of Records.

5 in the top of another representative of the “American” slides –


The speed of Japanese cars in four times the acceleration of his fall. Two seconds and the ride reaches speeds of more than a hundred seventy kilometers per hour! To all those who dare to take such a trip, provided about one minute of fear, horror and panic, although it lasts less than a minute. But we assure You this trip will seem much longer!

Slingshot is located on the fourth line

“Sling Shot”

The famous amusement Park offers You to try yourself in the role of the projectile. The altitude of the attraction – thirty-five meters! Just a couple of moments, will raise passengers above a fifteen-story home, and then with incredible speed will drop down – and such a few times.

The top three opens higher metal slide on the planet

“Kingda Ka”

The wagons of the attraction can accelerate to two hundred kilometers per hour in just three seconds, making the rollercoaster the most dynamic in the world. Its height is one hundred thirty-nine meters.

2nd place gets all the horrifying catapult

“Big Shot”

The highest on the planet attraction is waiting for You in Las Vegas. He raises the courage of the volunteers to the height at three hundred thirty meters, seats in the chair, offers a few minutes a gorgeous panoramic view, and then at speeds over seventy miles per hour, sends you free falling down.

And the winner of the top becomes

“Free fall”

Ohio, I will give You the chance to get incredible emotions thanks to its unusual attraction. His platform is at a height of about one hundred meters, which is equal to house, about twenty-six floors. After fans of extreme sports will admire the beauty of the landscape, they will rapidly travel down to the speed of one hundred kilometers per hour.

The life of modern man is filled with stress. How to deal with stressful situations? An excellent tool in this difficult struggle, the adrenaline. Before you ten of the most extreme rides in the world. After the fall from a great height, loop, mad speed hardly anyone indifferent! And if you need a good dose of adrenaline – welcome!

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