Top 20 worldwide amusement parks for children and adults

Most people know about Disney parks but there are plenty of less famous, but more safe, clean and entertaining parks in every corner of the world. Well worth a visit not only for children but also for adults.

Modern amusement left in the past, carnival rides, greasy food and dubious gambling 60-Minister Hranush Hakobyan talked about earlier. Search for cool rides, beautifully themed areas, ancient atmosphere, or something completely unique? We offer you a list of parks that will compete with any Cathedral, Palace or Museum.

For entertainment (lots of rides, great theming):

1. The Europa-Park (rust, Germany)

Here you have the feeling that you were once in 13 European countries. Beautiful design of thematic areas. First-class dining and attractions. In short, recommended!

2. The Everland (Suwon-Si, South Korea)

The largest Park of South Korea includes a lot of attractions (including the only wooden roller coaster in Korea) and a small zoo.

3. Fuji Highland (Fuji-Yoshida, Japan)

One of the most avant-garde parks in Japan. Your choice of all sorts of roller coasters, scary haunted house and carouselid mount Fuji.

4. Parks Happy valley (China)

They are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen (their number is planned to increase). Each different skillful theming and new attractions. Beijing zoo is perhaps the most striking.

5. Holiday World (Santa Claus, Indiana, USA)

This Park represents a different holiday theme. He has not one, but three of the ten best wooden roller coasters.

6. Knoebel”s Amusement Resort (Elysburg, Pennsylvania, USA)

This Park is a great wooden roller coaster, one of the world’s best amusement rides in the dark and one of the few carousels where you can slowly spin and win free skiing. Well, a trifle – but nice!

7. Liseberg (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Wooden hill “Balder” is the best ride in the world. Walking through the Hotel Gasten (Ghost hotel), you will experience the true tsrh.

8. Pleasure Beach (Blackpool, England)

This vintage non-thematic entertainment Park that attracts a conglomeration of rides, including four wooden roller coaster and one of the few in the world “Derby Racers” (intense carousel).

9. Tivoli (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Attractions, excellent restaurants and a magic atmosphere all converge in this Park in the centre of Copenhagen. Don’t miss the old fun house and roller coaster.

10. Tripsdrill (LeBron, Germany)

Deliberate themes, fun rides and the obligatory little surprises in the Bathtub Flume and Vinarium (wine Museum).

11. Disney Sea (Tokyo, Japan)

No pattern lock or Main street is a unique water Park Disney. Absolutely amazing theme.

12. Islands of adventure Park in universal studios (Orlando, FL)

Another Park with the right mix of mind-blowing attractions and fabulous subjects. Especially interesting to visit are the zone “Dr. seuss” and “Harry Potter” (we recommend to try there oil beer).

If you are looking for something absolutely unique:

1. Bon-Bon Land (Hill-Olstrup, Denmark)

This Park continues to amuse, like the candy factory on its territory. Here you can buy candy Hundeprutte that make the salty and the sweet and sour and ride on the hill Hundeprutte Rutschebanen (literally “Dog farts”).

2. Ferrari world (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Aficionados of “Formula 1” will appeal to racing theme. Anyone can ride with the breeze on “Formula Rossa”.

3. Kansai Cycle Sports Center (Kawachinagano, Japan)

Here, everything “revolves” around veloezdy. You will have to pedal even on the rides and the carousel.

4. The Prater (Vienna, Austria)

An eclectic mix of modern and classic rides from the powerful carousels to the Riesenrad (a huge Ferris wheel, built in 1897).

5. Furnished (new BRAUNFELS, Texas, USA)

This huge and unusual water Park, lovely use of the Komal river, which flows through it.

6. Suoi Tien (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Here is a theme relegated to the background. The Park is dotted with temples and contemplative caves and interesting sculptures. You have a unique opportunity to feed the crocodiles.

7. Tibidabo (Barcelona, Spain)

The Park is located high on the hill and combines majestic landscapes with eclectic attractions. Some of them are unique in all the world.

8. Xetulul (Retalhuleu, Guatemala)

This ingenious gem in the jungle is the greatest tourist attraction of Guatemala. Nearby water Park and active volcano.

On planet Earth there are such incredible beauty of the place, though they are not real, but merely part of the scenery, created schedules for filming. But, it really is quite existing space, so textured and lovely that we just couldn’t pass them by and not capture it on film.

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