TOP 5 theme parks in the world

Around the world there is a variety of theme parks: a fabulous, cinematic, and others. Many of these adults will be no less interesting than the children, and some even more. Below is a selection of the five most popular theme parks in which I would visit every:

The village of Hobbiton in New Zealand

Loyal fans of J. R. R. Tolkien and the other moviegoers are familiar with bright and fresh scenery cozy hobbit village, the home of Bilbo, Frodo and Sam. But Hobbiton is not only on the screen — especially for filming Lord of the rings in 1999 near the new Zealand town of Matamata was built a whole village, immersed in greenery and flowers. Usually, the city authorities require from the decorations after the shooting and left no trace, but in this case was made standard solution to transform the picturesque houses in the amusement Park. Now in Matamata annually attracts thousands of visitors, and the entrance to the city hanging welcome sign “Welcome to Hobbiton!”

Amusement Park in the style of “Harry Potter”

In the U.S. city of Orlando, Florida, is the Mecca for potteromania. The local theme Park is divided into two parts, the first of which depicts the village of Hogsmeade, and the second reconstructed shops of Diagon Alley and the Bank “Gringotts”. To otkrytochku planned third part, dedicated to the legendary kings Cross and the magical platform 9¾. “The Wizarding world of Harry Potter” offers to plunge into a fairy tale full flight on the hippogriff, contests with dragons and eating beans the famous “Bertie Botts”.

Country LEGO

Each part of the network of the Legoland amusement Park built almost entirely from pieces of LEGO, which is known to all children. Only six such parks. On their territory out of seemingly ordinary dice create such incredible models, like the statue of Liberty, big Ben or a copy of Vegas of 24 million details. The abundance of thematic areas and available forms of entertainment will not get bored any adult or child.

Walk with the dinosaurs

Europe’s largest theme Park, Muenchehagen devoted to the prehistoric period of the Earth and is located in Germany next to the city Rehburg-Loccum. This is a spectacular Museum under the open sky, numbering about two hundred models of dinosaurs in life-size. A high degree of detail makes these pieces incredibly realistic, impressing as the youngest Park guests and their parents. In addition to exploring with copies of dinosaurs, you can watch educational videos and take a ride on the carousel.

Romance of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

French amusement Park in Alsace embodies much of the magic of the story of the Little Prince. Its charming atmosphere and huge balls-balloons, depicting the main character of the visited worlds will force each visitor to feel the character of this gentle and kind book. You can still try yourself in the role of Author and to fly on a biplane, and to feed these handmade foxes.

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