Turkey – Istanbul – Tatile

Totila – the first on size in Europe and the fifth largest in the world covers the amusement Park. A unique and interesting Park in Turkey, which opened on 23rd April 1996, since then it has become a favorite destination not only for tourists but also the Turks.

This “Turkish Disneyland” as it is a lot of names of tourists, calm down on site 41 794 m2, the Park is able to accommodate 5 000 visitors, and the sights take more than 24 000 m2. In addition, everyone who gets to settle in, a glass dome, which arrests the height of 36.5 meters on the ground. All eyes it is rather expressive and fascinating. It is not surprising that since Tatelu visited more than 3 million people.

Istanbul interesting center is ready to offer children and adults plenty of activities: every possible attractions, amusements, charming game, a trip, an amphitheater which regularly there pass concerts and actions, and also a lot of other things.

Tatila a huge variety of hills, detours, fountains and fireworks, and all this in an environment of fantastic characters and movie stars. All around create a sensation of rest and celebration.

Base interesting centre – 15 dizzying minutes, Prinsenhof many European countries such as Italy and Germany, and a gallery with more than 100 video games.

Entering Tatily. You get to the happiest “state” in the light! Istanbul kids chose the name and logo for a new Park from a few of the hundreds of options, and soon after that “Tatilya” its own Constitution, flag, national anthem and the residents turned in the current “Republic of entertainment” that has a President.

In addition, the feature of the Park – something he has reflected and created as a natural Park in which children can learn to love nature. So all the sights rest against more than 55,000 plants, flowers and trees collected all over the world, and also an artificial lake, the mountain and downs. Due to the temperature is constantly maintained at the marches +21?C, it is always ruled by a spring.

To satisfy the hunger and thirst of visitors may Park in one of the six restaurants, among which “Vitamin bar”. Prices vary from 3.00 $ to 6.00 $.

Alcoholic beverages in the Park is not for sale, and Smoking is authorized only in a few places, especially harvested for this purpose. In a little gift makes shopping, a variety of memorable gifts: T-shorts, toys, cards, badges and many other things.

The operating time: since 10 mornings to midnight every day except Monday.

Entrance fee approximately $ 20. Stay limited, then the ticket is released in 4 hours. To prolong the pleasure, it is possible for an extra charge. Discounts for children are not present.

As well as the whole world, entertaining parks, Tatila. it is located far enough from the center of Istanbul. However, to reach the Park easily enough – special minibuses bend in many areas of the city. It is possible to arrive to get the car. The Park has Parking for 760 cars.

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