USA for tourists

United States of America is considered as the Paradise for tourists. What attracts travelers from all over the world to this country? The main attraction is, of course, everyone knows the statue of Liberty, to give which America decided the Frenchman édouard Laboulaye in honor of the centenary of independence of the state and the abolition of slavery there. Every year contemplate about four million visitors.

The famous walk of fame, founded in 1960 and counts today about 2.5 million stars, will welcome all fans of American show business on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Here every year attracts about 10 million people.

In new York it is worth noting the most crowded place is the times Square area, received its name in honor of the located there edition of the famous newspaper new York times and just teeming with theaters and hotels. For the New Year are traditionally gather thousands of citizens and guests of the city.

Disney Land, the World-famous amusement Park created by writer Walt disney and opened in 1955, will be especially interesting for tourists with kids. They face a lot of different attractions, including the famous “roller coaster” called in Russia “American”…Lovers of gambling will be greeted with the bright lights of Las Vegas, located in the Mojave desert and iesodsothessy millions of tourists.

In the capital of America is Washington worthy the attention not only of the world famous White House and the Pentagon, but also a large number of parks, museums and monuments such as the national Mall, with located in it the monument of George Washington, national gallery of art, national zoo and more.

With an abundance of beaches will appreciate the city of Miami, founded in 1896 and is located on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Also interesting will parks “the parrot Jungle” and “Jungle monkeys”, nature reserve “lion Safari” where you can feed giraffe from your hand and the Oceanarium, which hosts shows featuring orcas, dolphins and sea lions.

A legendary “gangsta” Chicago is the most visited city in the United States. Here was built the first skyscraper in America, there are many cultural centers and a zoo. Mount Rushmore will impress the guests of South Dakota carved out of the stone faces of the greatest presidents of the country: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. This place is annually visited by three million people.

An unforgettable experience leave in the soul of every traveler to Niagara falls. Which is the second largest in the World it is on the Niagara river and consists of three parts: the American, the waterfall “Veil” (because of the similarity with the bride’s attire) and the Canadian falls, shaped like a horseshoe. The waterfall can approach to a distance of a few meters, and you can also see it from the inside. Even at night there are continuing excursions, because the waterfall is illuminated with colored lights. Especially popular this place is enjoyed by honeymooners for a “honey” of the month…

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