VIALAND Park, Istanbul

Guide. VIALAND ( theme Park Istanbul )

“Turkish Disneyland” or VIALAND will be fully accessible to residents and visitors of Istanbul national holiday, the day of the fall of Constantinople.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that work on the creation of the amusement Park started ten years ago. “Earlier this place was a swamp. Even the fish are out of the swampy soil, covered with oil spots. Many international investors did not believe that this place can not only be draining, but gradually turned into a blooming garden,” – said in his speech, the Prime Minister, speaking before a large audience.

Investment in the creation of the theme Park is estimated at $ 650 million. A considerable part of this astronomical sum has already been spent on modifying the natural landscape, the construction area of entertainment and recreation, as well as the construction of malls and Parking lots by 8 thousand cars. Theme parks (e.g. mini-Ataturk) was built in Istanbul in the past, but none of them showed a quick return and expected profitability. Justify the hopes of investors of the Istanbul VIALAND in the near future?

Occupying a huge area of one hundred football fields, an amusement Park in Istanbul includes three thematic areas. The first of them – “World of adventures” provides active recreation and are more suitable for teenagers. However, the theme “king Kong”, a Safari in the tunnel or the descent on rough water “Viking” will not leave indifferent and adult visitors. The second site will include four rides. Here you can take a walk through the streets of old Istanbul, to participate in a battle in the capture the walls of Constantinople in 1453, or to look at the world from a height and fifty meter high towers. The third area is designed for kids of preschool age, which is lots of interesting entertainment. For example: magic, farm frenzy, heroic firefighters and all sorts of the carousel.

In the amusement Park in Istanbul will be opened more than 250 stores of famous international and Turkish brands. So a vacation with children can be combined with a pleasant shopping. Definitely thought out and the power supply system on the territory of the doors will open ten restaurants and cafes, so both kids and adults will not go hungry. The creators of the Park and thought that the Park wants to visit Istanbul. Their services in the Park will be opened five-star hotel, with the possibility of online reservations themed standard 250 and 12 Suite rooms.

In conclusion the relatively high cost of entrance tickets to the Park. Children’s tickets are sold for 40 TL and adolescents (over 12 years) and adults will pay 50 TL entrance. Shopping malls are open daily from 10:00 to 22:00, and the rides in the theme Park VIALAND in Istanbul are open 10:00 to 19:00 (mon – Thu) and 10:00 to 21:00 (Fri – sun).

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